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How to apply for housing

AYY offers its members the opportunity to apply for affordable student housing owned by the Student Union. Please read the instructions on how to apply for housing.

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Learn more about our properties

Information about our properties.

For residents

Moderni, punatiilinen kerrostalo

Rent payment and deposit

The rent invoices will be sent to the email address you provided at Domo. You can contact financial administration if you want to change the due date or if you have accidentally overpaid the rent. You will receive an invoice for the deposit in your email once you have made a new lease. When the lease is terminated, we will return the deposit to your account no later than the 20th day of the same month.


Defect situations and door opening service

Information on door opening services and what to do in defect situations.


Services for residents

Learn how to use and make reservations for the sauna, parking spaces and laundry rooms.

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Information about our buildings in Espoo and Helsinki.

Elektroniikkaromun kierrätyspiste

Recycling and waste disposal

This page provides instructions on how to recycle unnecessary items and sort your waste properly.


Furniture and renovation

Make your home reflect your personality! On this page, you will find instructions for painting your apartment and finding furniture.


Changes in housing

This site contains different changes to housing situations including a temporary move from an apartment, switching apartments, subleasing, compensating the right of residence and residents leaving family or friend apartments.

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Residents’ democracy - active neighbour relations

In resident activities, you have the opportunity to influence the comfort and sense of community in your living environment.

Otakaari 18 tiiliseinää ja pihalla oleva kuusi talvella

Housing and nuisance

Respect fellow residents for a harmonious living environment. Please address disruptive behaviour directly with the person in question. If necessary, you can report recurring disturbances to AYY.

Asukkaan UKK

Frequently asked questions about housing

This page features a collection of common questions that residents may have. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, contact Housing Services, [email protected]

Otarannan kerhotilan hyllykkö

Cleaning instructions for common areas in shared apartments

On this page, you will find instructions for keeping common areas in shared apartments tidy.



Uusi asukas

For new residents

On this page, we have compiled important information for those who move houses, including details related to keys, the condition and renovation of the apartment, as well as electricity contracts.


Departing residents

Are you moving out of AYY housing? On this page, you will find instructions for returning keys and cleaning the apartment when moving out.

A hand cleaning a mirror with a green cloth.

Final cleaning

On this page you will find instructions for final cleaning. When you move out, it is your responsibility to clean the apartment and leave it in a good condition for the next resident moving in.

A kitchen table, flowers and cinnamon rolls on top.

Apartment transfer

Note! We are currently updating the pages. The best way to get an answer to your question is to ask directly at [email protected].

Changes in housing
Kuva, jossa ihmiset kävelee poispäin

Departing residents in family or friends' apartments

Is one of the residents in your apartment moving out? On this page, you will find instructions on what to do when one resident in a family or friends' apartment moves out.

Changes in housing
Ajankohtaista Published:

Facelift renovation of B & C staircases at Otakaari 18 have been completed

Comfort improvement (facelift) renovation at Otakaari 18 B & C staircases has been completed. The project progressed on schedule and was very successful from the property owner’s point of view. Facelift renovations took place between 11/2023 and 3/2024.
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Dreaming of AYY student housing? Apply today!

We encourage all applicants who did not manage to submit their applications during the Domo transition to submit a new application now!
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Apply for compensation for your right of residence in time!

Check that you still have right of residence left. When your right of residence is coming to and end, your tenancy agreement will be discontinued - if needed, apply for compensation for your right of residence in time!
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Residential committee members appointed for 2024

Residential committee members appointed for 2024

Forms and regulations


On this site, you will find housing-related forms.

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