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Your Student Union

Welcome to Aalto University and the Student Union!

On this page, you can find a collection of important information for new students and some tips for the early stages of your studies.
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Year tags are now available

All students who have paid their AYY membership fee for the academic year 2019–2020 can pick up a year tag from August 1st, 2019 on.
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Plenty of new employees at AYY

During late spring and summer, several recruitments have been carried out at AYY, and some of the employees’ job descriptions have changed. In this story, you can read a summary of who has joined the forces at AYY over the summer.
Lukuvuosikalenterin kansi
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The visual look of the “Fog” calendar, designed by Jolanda Jokinen, mimics the foggy and excited journey of the autumn’s first school days

AYY and TOKYO are executing the Design Calendar together for the second time. Calendar is designed by a master's level student of Visual Communication Design, Jolanda Jokinen
Frans Cederlöf and Tapio Hautamäki
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AYY nominates Tapio Hautamäki as President of SYL and Frans Cederlöf as a member of SYL Board

Aalto University Student Union nominates Tapio Hautamäki as President of SYL, the National Union of University Students in Finland and Frans Cederlöf as a member of SYL Board for the year of 2020.
Representative Council Elections 2019

Becoming a Candidate

Information on becoming a candidate in the Representative Council elections


Human Vs Zombies Poster

Humans vs Zombies Autumn 2019

Humans vs. Zombies is a moderated game of tag where zombie players try to spread the infection by tagging human players. Humans can in turn protect themselves by hiding, fleeing or fighting back (using socks or foam gun darts to "stun" zombies). Exciting missions and quests will be available every day.
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Polisprint 2019

Challenge yourself with fast fun paced orienteering. Suitable for beginners and masters.
Debate School 2

Debate School Session 2

Eager to learn persuasive speaking skills and be ready to stand up to speak in front of any audience? Want to learn what competitive debating is all about? Welcome to Debate School hosted by Helsinki and Aalto Debating Societies!

This second session will focus on coming up with the best possible case and structure to support your arguments. We will explore the world of reasoning and persuasion and learn how to find the best case in every situation. We will also look at different ways of structuring your speech and introduce the British Parliamentary debating format used worldwide in competitive debating.
Traffic Light Party fb banner

ESN Traffic Light Party

Young and Or not? How do we know??

Fear not, cause “Traffic Light Party” is coming! On Thursday 19th of September, ESN Aalto, ESN Helga, ESN Laurea, ESN Metropolia and ESN Uni Helsinki invite you to Baarikärpänen to clear things out and get this semester started!

Who’s wild and free, who’s off-limits and who’s kind of somewhere in the middle? Let’s find out!

WHAT: Traffic Light Party
WHEN: 19.9 at 22:00
WHERE: Baarikärpänen
WHY: To party of course!
HOW MUCH: Presale 2€ with ESN card and 4€ without, at the door 5€
PRE-PARTY: JMT 1 main lobby, starting at 19:30

** Cloakroom fee is not included in the price **


Syksyisiä lehtiä, henkilö käyttää kännykkää
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Saving the world, one meal at a time

Food waste is an enormous yet unnecessary global problem. If food waste was a country, its greenhouse gas emissions would be the third largest in the world, right after China and the United States.
Milla seisoo Amfiteatterin portaalla
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Orientation week through physics freshman student Milla’s eyes

How was the arientation weeh from the perspective of a freshman? Read Milla's thoughts from the first week of university life.
Tapio Hautamäki
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Chair of the Board Tapio Hautamäki's speech at the Uni­versity’s open­ing ce­re­mony 2019

Aalto-yliopisto täyttää tulevana lukuvuonna kymmenen vuotta. Kymmeneen vuoteen on mahtunut paljon...
Tapio Hautamäki
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Tapio Hautamäki’s speech on Teekkarielämää

I'm now talking like one technology student to another, to explain what this community has given to me. I'll also be talking about what you all can get out of it.

Student activities

All student union members can participate in activities organised by AYY and its associations. Student union members can easily participate in events, hobbies, volunteer work or represent students in the university’s administration.

Student activities

All student union members can participate in activities organised by AYY and its associations. Student union members can easily participate in events, hobbies, volunteer work or represent students in the university’s administration.


Association Guide

On this guide, you can find nearly everything that associations operating within AYY need for their operations’ support and safeguard.

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There are volunteer posts available from event organising to campus development and student advocacy, not to mention positions on the Board and in the Representative Council.


Apply for financial support

AYY offers financial support to both its members and the associations operating within it in the form of scholarships and operating grants aimed at associations.