Sustainable AYY

Sustainability is one of the core values of the student union. AYY's goal is to lead the way in environmental action and actively contribute to solutions mitigating climate change, preserving biodiversity and combating other environmental problems.

AYY's objective is to build an academic community where sustainability is an integral part of all activities – from services and advocacy to the everyday life at Aalto. From 2020 onwards, we annually monitor and evaluate the progress of goals through sustainable development reporting.

AYY promotes a more sustainable world not only through our own operations but also more broadly within the academic community. AYY participates in Aalto University working groups that advance the principles of sustainability throughout the entire university.

UN sustainable development goals

AYY's sustainability goals

AYY is committed to promoting all sustainable development goals of the UN in our activities.

Sustainable AYY
A forest in the snow

AYY's sustainability guidelines

AYY's daily operations are guided by our sustainability guidelines.

Sustainable AYY

Key figures for sustainability

The effects of AYY’s sustainability are related to the student union’s key functions: student advocacy, the creation of the Aalto community and the development of housing.

Sustainable AYY

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Hymyileviä nuoria
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

Apply for SYL committees

Aalto University Student Union members now have the opportunity to apply as candidates for the Development Cooperation Advisory Board (KENKKU) and Climate Network of SYL, the National Union of University Students in Finland. In the committees, you have the opportunity to learn and engage in national advocacy work in the field of development cooperation and climate policy.
Sampo Sainio
Ajankohtaista, Blog Published:

The most sustainable student life in the world? 

According to AYY’s strategy, the Student Union will strive for carbon neutrality by 2030, but is the pursuit of carbon neutrality enough? We cannot measure the sustainability of our activities with just one metric.
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Ajankohtaista Published:

Lawns into meadows – a research project for increasing biodiversity in Otaniemi

AYY is involved in a research project that investigates solutions to biodiversity loss.
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Blog Published:

Exceptional times must not become the new normal

The solving of all crises requires new ways of solving problems and adapting to the new. I would like to live in a world where buying goods would no longer be a way to create social connections.
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