Sustainable AYY

Towards a sustainable world

An environmentally sustainable and just Students Union creates the framework for the best student's life in the world also in the future.

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Sustainability is one of the core values of the Student Union. AYY's goal is to lead the way in environmental action and to be a part of the solution in mitigating climate change, preserving biodiversity and combatting other environmental problems.

AYY's goal is to build a university community where sustainability is an integral part of all activities – from services and advocacy to the everyday life of Aalto. Targets, goals and development are monitored and evaluated annually from 2020 onwards through voluntary sustainability reporting.

In addition to its own activities, AYY promotes a more sustainable world in the university community. AYY participates in Aalto University working groups that promote sustainability principles throughout the University.

UN sustainable development goals

Sustainability goals at AYY

AYY is committed to promoting all UN sustainable development goals in our activities.

Sustainable AYY
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AYY's sustainability guidelines

AYY's daily operations are guided by our sustainability guidelines.

Sustainable AYY

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AYY’s housing to use fossil-free energy from 2020 onwards

During 2020, AYY’s student housing and other properties will completely switch to fossil-free electricity and district heating.
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Ditch the cruises − keep the future

Influencing does not mean the end to your wonderful student life – volunteer culture, singing together at Smökki, Unisport league games, May Day – all of these are good and important matters, let’s keep them.
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Building a more sustainable Aalto with the AaltoSDG mobile application

The application supports Aalto University's work on sustainable development goals from the point of view of education, research, art and everyday life at Aalto University.
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AYY had a significant impact on the activities of the national student unions

This autumn, Aalto University Student Union had a significant impact on the activities of the national student unions. Aalto people have been elected to lead national unions and AYY's initiatives have made the unions' activities more equal and sustainable.
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