For new residents

Are you moving into AYY housing? On this page, we have compiled important information for those who move houses, including details related to keys, the condition and renovation of the apartment, as well as electricity contracts.

Mover’s checklist for new residents  

 These instructions will make your move easier 

  • Submit a notification of change of address to DVV (Digital and Population Data Services Agency) and Posti at least two weeks before your move. It takes time for your information to be recorded. 
  • If electricity is not included in your rent, make sure to sign an electricity contract for your new apartment well in advance. You can check whether electricity is included in your rent either from your rental agreement or from the chart on your building’s page.  
  • Take out home insurance. AYY requires the tenant to have a valid home insurance policy for the entire duration of the tenancy.  
  • Submit a housing allowance application and any other applications to Kela well in advance. You can check if you are entitled to the housing allowance and fill in the application on Kela website.  
  • Familiarise yourself with AYY’s building rules and regulations that every tenant must adhere to.    
  • Subscribe to AYY’s newsletter for residents to receive important news and current housing tips to your email six times a year.  

When will you get the keys?  

  • The move-in date is the start date of the lease, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday. In such cases, the move-in date is the next business day following the start date of the lease.  
  • You can pick up the keys from our services office (Otakaari 25, Espoo) no earlier than the first weekday of the month between 12-16. You can check the opening hours here.  
  • Please note! Residents at Maapadontie exceptionally pick up the keys directly from the maintenance company.  
  • If your lease starts in the middle of the month, you can pick up the keys on the start date of the lease within the opening hours.  
  • If you are unable to pick up the keys yourself, you can authorise another person to do so with a power of attorney.   
    The person collecting the keys must present a printed power of attorney. If you are unable to print the document, you can email the power of attorney to both the person you have authorised to pick up the keys and to [email protected] before the move-in date. 
  • You can also arrange to receive the keys directly from the departing resident. In this case, you must fill in and sign a key handover agreement, which the departing resident delivers to the services office on the moving day.  
    However, before signing the key handover agreement, inspect the condition of the apartment, as by signing the agreement you also accept the condition of the apartment.  
    If you do not have the contact details of the previous tenant, you can send a message to them via Domo’s contact feature.  
  • It is not possible to pick up the keys before the moving day, even if the apartment is already vacant and the previous tenant has returned the keys. If you wish to advance the start date of your lease, you can inquire about this possibility with housing services.

Move-in inspection  

  • Inspect the condition of your new home and fill out an electronic housing inspection form  within a week of collecting the keys.  
    Please note that the inspection form is not a defect report form. All defects must be reported in accordance with the instructions below. 
    Please note! If you are unable to pick up the keys within a week of the move-in date, please always notify AYY.  
  • When moving in, if you notice any defects in the condition of the apartment or cleaning deficiencies that require immediate attention, please submit a defect report to the maintenance company. 
  • Please remember that as a tenant, you are obliged to report any defects you notice to the maintenance company immediately upon discovery.  
    Pay particular attention to any dripping toilet bowls or taps. 

Other housing tips for getting started:  

  • Also submit a notice of moving to the maintenance company to change the name on your door.  
  • You can make laundry room and sauna reservations at Domo.  
  • Please get in touch if you want to request a parking space.  
  • If your lease includes a storage unit, you will receive the key to the storage unit when picking up the keys. If your building has no apartment-specific storage units, you can contact [email protected].  
  • Check the functionality of smoke detectors. 
  • See tips for recycling and waste sorting.  
  • Participate in residential activities! More information on residential activities can be found here


Where to find more information?  

Street address: Otakaari 25, 02150 Espoo.
Check the current opening hours and telephone service hours here  
Contact us via email at [email protected]   

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