For new residents

Are you moving into AYY housing? On this page, we have compiled important information for those who move houses, including details related to keys, the condition and renovation of the apartment, as well as electricity contracts.

Take care of the basics first!

  • Submit a notification of change of address to Posti and Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • Sign an electricity contract if electricity is not included in your rent. You can check whether electricity is included in the rent of your own residential building from the table on the building's own page.
  • Fill in the housing inspection form within a week or moving and contact AYY’s Real Estate Sector separately if your apartment needs fixing or cleaning.
  • Subscribe to tenants newsletter list, so that you get important and useful information about living in AYY apartment.

Keys to the apartment

Picking up the keys from AYY office

Please note! Residents of Maapadontie pick up their keys directly from the maintenance company. Keys to these apartments are not available at the AYY Office.

The moving day is the starting date of the tenancy agreement, unless the tenancy agreement starts at the weekend or a national holiday. In these cases, the moving day is the first weekday after the starting date of the tenancy agreement. For example: if your tenancy starts on Friday, you can move in on Friday. And if your tenancy starts on Saturday, you can move into the apartment on Monday after the weekend.

If you are unable to pick up the keys, you can authorise someone to pick them up for you by power of attorney. You can find the power of attorney template below. The person collecting the keys must have a printed power of attorney. If you are unable to print the document, please send the power of attorney by email both to the person who will pick up the keys and to [email protected] before the day of moving.

The services office cannot give you the keys before the official moving day, even if the apartment was empty or the previous tenant had returned the keys.

Key handover agreement (pdf). You can also agree to hand over the keys to the apartment and the apartment directly with the previous tenant using this form. The form must be submitted to Housing Services no later than the day of the move.

Exchange of keys with the departing resident 

The departing resident can agree to exchange the keys directly with the new resident using this key handover agreement. The agreement should be read carefully before signing it.

By signing the key exchange agreement, the new resident receives the apartment in the condition in which it is at the moment of signing the agreement. After this, the responsibility over cleaning and the apartment’s condition transfers to the new resident. Hence, we advise the new resident to inspect the apartment with the resident moving out before signing the key exchange agreement.

If the new resident does not find that the apartment is in a satisfactory condition when inspecting it, the keys should not be exchanged or the agreement signed. In this case, the resident moving out hands the keys in at the AYY Office, and the cleaning or repairs of the apartment are agreed upon when the new resident picks up the keys at the office.

If the key exchange agreement is signed and handed in at the AYY Office, the deposit is returned to the former resident and the apartment is under the new resident’s responsibility and control from the moment of signing the agreement. It is the responsibility of the resident moving out to hand in the agreement in question to AYY during the moving day at the latest. The agreement can also be sent by email ([email protected]).

Inspecting the condition of the apartment

The new resident must fill in the housing inspection form within one week of receiving the keys. In other words, the new resident inspects the condition of the apartment and, if no problems are reported in the form, the deposit of the former resident is returned as normal.

If you have to move in straightaway and do not want to wait for the cleaning, you can also clean the apartment yourself. In this case, inform the Real Estate Sector of this in advance so AYY can reimburse you for cleaning equipment up to the value of 50 euros in return for evidence (photos of cleaning defects, receipts for purchases).

If you have exchanged the keys directly with the previous resident, you have also accepted the apartment in the condition it was in when the key exchange agreement was signed. In this case, the previous resident and AYY are no longer responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment.

All minor defects, such as a broken fridge handle or missing shelves, are reported to the maintenance company. The maintenance company will repair these for free.

Please note! The residents of Maapadontie should contact the Property Service Alamaa Ltd by phone (045 277 6601) with issues to do with the condition of the apartment. 

Fire alarms and light fittings

Fire alarms and light fittings and their bulbs are mainly the resident’s responsibility. If there are no light fittings or fire alarm in the apartment when you move in, you have to purchase them yourself.

AYY is responsible for fire alarms and light fittings and bulbs in the common areas of shared apartments with single rooms. If the fire alarm in the common area runs out of battery or a bulb burns out, contact the maintenance company directly. Fire alarms and light fittings and bulbs in the single rooms of a shared apartment are the resident’s own responsibility. Some shared apartments have a ceiling light installed, but the bulbs have to be acquired by the resident.

In some of our newest properties, fire alarms are connected to the grid. If a fire alarm connected to the grid is defective or has been removed from the ceiling, please contact the maintenance company. Maintenance contact information can be found here.

Home insurance

We recommend that you take a home insurance. According to the law, the tenant is liable both for movables in the apartment and for the damage caused to the apartment by one's own actions. It is important to have a home insurance because otherwise the previously mentioned damages will be paid by you.

Name on the door

To change the name on the door, please contact the maintenance company. Maintenance contact information can be found here.

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