Final cleaning

On this page you will find instructions for final cleaning. When you move out, it is your responsibility to clean the apartment and leave it in a good condition for the next resident moving in.
A hand cleaning a mirror with a green cloth.

How to clean a shared apartment

  • Take all your furniture, goods, dishes and food with you, also from the common areas.
  • Take care of the cleanliness of the common areas before you move. All residents are jointly responsible for cleaning the common areas of the shared apartment. If the areas are messy, please agree on their cleaning with the other tenants of the apartment.
  • If the common areas have been left in a messy condition, the cleaning costs can also be charged from the security deposit of the tenants moving out.
  • If there are currently abandoned items in the common areas, you can agree with the other residents to dispose of them. The goods can be taken, for example, to the Teekarikylä waste dumpsters, which are located in front of Servin Maijan tie 8 and Jämeräntaival 6, always at the turn of the moon.

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Checklist for the final cleaning

  • Empty all cabinets. All cabinets/wardrobes and their doors and tops must be cleaned.
  • Wipe stains off the walls and doors. Remember to also wipe light switches.
  • Clean the exhaust air vents.
  • Clean the stove and the oven properly. If necessary, pull the stove out of its slot and clean the sides and the floor. Wipe the stove hood and wash the hood filter.
  • Defrost the freezer and clean both the freezer and the refrigerator. If you don’t turn the refrigerator back on after cleaning, leave the refrigerator door open, so that it won’t start to smell.
  • Wash the toilet and bathroom floors and walls and if necessary, wipe the ceiling clean. Also wipe all bathroom fixtures like the toilet seat, sink, mirror cabinet and taps. Also remember to wipe the bottom of the sink and the foot of the toilet seat, as they tend to get grimy over time.
  • Clean the floor drain in the bathroom.
  • Wash the windows (if the outdoor temperature is below zero, only wash the inside surfaces of the windows).
  • Sweep or vacuum the floors and wipe them with a damp cloth or mop.
  • Empty and sweep the balcony and your storage space.
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