Changes in Housing

Apartment transfer

Sometimes situations in life change and your current apartment no longer meets your needs in terms of size or location, for example. You can apply for a transfer from one location to another, for example from a shared apartment in Leppävaara to another shared apartment in Teekkari Village – or maybe you need to transfer from a shared apartment to a studio or move from a studio to a two-room or three-room apartment that is more suitable for a family with children.
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Need for a different type of apartment

Sometimes situations in life can change and your current apartment no longer meets your needs in terms of size or location, for example. If you need a different kind of apartment, you can apply for apartment transfer and we can prioritize your application if necessary. In this way, you can get a suitable apartment faster than through the regular application process.

Applying for apartment transfer

  • Apply for a different kind of apartment by filling in the application form in Domo as usual.
  • Add attachments to the application that show why you need apartment transfer so that we can prioritize your application. If there are health reasons behind the need for apartment transfer, please attach a medical certificate to your application.
  • If you already have a valid application for apartments you would like to exchange for, please add an attachment to your application. No new application is required.
  • Keep checking your email when you apply for apartment transfer. You can only get one offer for apartment transfer. After this, we can no longer offer you fast-track apartment transfer.


  • If you live in a friends’ or family apartment, all residents have to move out of the apartment. In order to offer you fast-track apartment transfer, we need to be able to offer your former apartment to the next tenant.
  • The demand for the apartment is considered when reviewing the grounds for transfer. Therefore, if you apply for a low demand apartment, you will be more likely to receive fast-track apartment transfer.
  • If you have only just received a new apartment from AYY, you can receive a new offer for an apartment in another housing group after six months at the earliest. Exceptions to the waiting period can only be made for particularly weighty reasons.


If you have lived in your current apartment for less than two years, the reasons for transfer must be weighty. If you have lived in the apartment for a longer period, you may be granted transfer on lighter grounds. Please note that AYY cannot guarantee transfer even if the conditions are met. You'll find examples of grounds for transfer in a table below.

Transfer to a different kind of apartment
You have lived in your current apartment Grounds for faster transfer
Less than 6 months

Only for surprising and weighty reasons, such as:

  • Sudden need for accessible housing due to injury, for example
  • Sudden need for a temporary replacement apartment if no other housing solution can be found
6 months – 2 years

Weighty reasons, such as:

  • Another person moves out of your current apartment, you are left alone in a too large/expensive apartment
  • Moving to more affordable housing because of a financial situation
  • Changes in family size (e.g. children or a break-up, does not apply to forming a new family)
Over 2 years

Reasons such as:

  • Change in workplace location
  • Increased need for space
  • Moving to an apartment suitable for pets


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Termination of the current lease

When AYY offers you a new apartment, you do not have to worry about the notice period. Sometimes a new apartment can be offered at less than a month’s notice, but AYY does not collect double rent from its residents in this situation. Your current lease will be automatically terminated at the start of the new lease. If, for any reason, you need both apartments for the next month, please contact the housing services. In this case, you must pay rent for both apartments.

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