For the Media

For the Media

On this page, you can find press releases regarding the operations of Aalto University Student Union, statements and the image files for media usage.


Primary Contact Persons

 Otto Usvajärvi

Otto Usvajärvi

Chair of the Board
 Laura Luoto

Laura Luoto

Advocacy and Communications Manager


All email addresses are [email protected] The contact details of all employees and volunteers can be found here.

You can order our Weekly Newsletter here or suggest content to our newsletter on this form. The Weekly Newsletter is published every Monday by email. It has almost 19 000 subscribers, who are AYY's members and other people interested in AYY. The letter consists of news concerning AYY, its associations and sections and other useful information for students.

AYY’s press releases and statements

Asukkaan UKK
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

TodAYY’s Housing Mail – brand-new newsletter for AYY’s residents

The newsletter for residents TodAYY’s Housing Mail responds to a need to inform the residents about current housing issues by email, which was brought up in the resident survey. The newsletter is published about five times a year.
Sinisellä taustalla on AYY:n ja TREY:n logot ja teksti: "Pidämme erittäin huolestuttavana kehityskulkua, jossa normalisoidaan maksullisia reittejä korkeakoulutukseen."
Kannanotot ja lausunnot Published:

AYY and TREY: Strict NO for the new pathway with tuition fees

We urge the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide funding for its pilot projects so that universities do not have to come up with detours to cover the costs.
Antti Ilmavirta
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

Antti Ilmavirta appointed Executive Director of Aalto University Student Union

AYY’s Representative Council elected Antti Ilmavirta to the position of AYY’s Executive Director at its meeting on 20 Apr 2022. Ilmavirta will start in his position on 3 May.
Kuvassa opiskelijat maalaavat lakanaan tekstiä "Iloista wappumieltä"
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

Fuksi committee and international committee are organizing a fundraising campaign

Fuksi committee and international committee organized a fundraising campaign together with Mieli Mental health Finland organization. The Wappumieli (Finnish for Wappu spirit) campaign aims to raise awareness towards youth and young adults’ mental health after the long lasting covid times and in the global environment that is shaped by war close by.

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