For the media

For the media

On this page, you can find press releases regarding the operations of Aalto University Student Union and the image files for media usage.


Primary contacts

 Tapio Hautamäki

Tapio Hautamäki

Chair of AYY Board
 Elina Nieminen

Elina Nieminen

Executive Director
 Heikki Isotalo

Heikki Isotalo

Advocacy and Communications Manager
 Henna Palonen

Henna Palonen

Communications Specialist


All email addresses take the form [email protected]

The contact details of all employees and volunteers can be found here.

AYY’s press releases and statements

Pride-kulkue 2018
Kannanotot ja lausunnot Published:

No empty promises – significant increase to the level of study grant needed!

The study grant must be raised back to the level before the cuts, as this would be a quick way to improve students’ subsistence in an equal manner.
Ajankohtaista, Kannanotot ja lausunnot, Press release Published:

Answers to the Otaniemi 1.5 petition

The Otaniemi 1.5 petition, whose signatures were collected in connection with the Otaniemi climate strikes, encourages the Aalto community to commit to acts that can radically reduce our impact on global warming.
Kuva, jossa ihmiset kävelee poispäin
Ajankohtaista, Kannanotot ja lausunnot Published:

Statement: Finland Needs International Know-How

The new parliament must open its eyes: Finland needs to attract professionals from abroad if it as a nation wants to remain at the top of education and know-how even as its population ages and the dependency ratio weakens.

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