For the Media

For the Media

On this page, you can find press releases regarding the operations of Aalto University Student Union, statements and the image files for media usage.


Primary Contact Persons

 Milja Leinonen

Milja Leinonen

Chair of the Board
 Elina Nieminen

Elina Nieminen

Executive Director
 Laura Luoto

Laura Luoto

Advocacy and Communications Manager

All email addresses are [email protected] The contact details of all employees and volunteers can be found here.

You can order our Weekly Newsletter here or suggest content to our newsletter on this form. The Weekly Newsletter is published every Monday by email. It has almost 19 000 subscribers, who are AYY's members and other people interested in AYY. The letter consists of news concerning AYY, its associations and sections and other useful information for students.

Annual Leaflet 2018 here.

AYY’s press releases and statements

AYY:n toimisto ulkoa
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Updated corona release: the Services Office is open only to movers and rental facilities will remain closed

AYY actively follows government releases and considers the health and well-being of its members, volunteers, associations, and employees in all its actions. The release will be updated when new measures are introduced.
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AYY’s mailing list service updated on 14 Dec

The mailing list services offered by AYY for associations will be updated to a new version. As a result, the service will be down for approximately one hour on 14 Dec at 20:00 – 21:00.
Kuvassa videon kuvauspäivältä AYY:n airue
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This year’s Independence Day torchlight procession not organised physically – replaced by a video greeting

This year, the students’ traditional Independence Day torchlight procession will not be organised due to COVID-19. The procession is replaced by a joint video greeting from the student unions of the Helsinki metropolitan area, which will be published on Independence Day on 6 Dec.
kuvituskuva, jossa naisoletettu on ojentanut kätensä kohti kameraa
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AYY works for a non-discriminatory and safe Aalto community

An Instagram story published by blogger Natalia Salmela last weekend received a huge amount of comments about experiences of hostile traditions and activities in tech student culture. AYY's goal is to eradicate all discriminatory activities and traditions from the Aalto community.

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