Membership and student card

Membership and student card

As a member of AYY, you will be able to enjoy AYY’s services as well as a wide range of student benefits nationally and internationally.


All students undertaking lower (bachelor’s degree) or higher (master’s degree, master of science in technology, architect, landscape architect) university degrees in Aalto University are members of Aalto University Student Union. Students undertaking scientific or artistic doctoral degrees and exchange students can join the student union if they wish to do so. However, the benefits of doctoral students are more limited than those of basic degree students. Doctoral students are not eligible for the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

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Student card and Frank App

Your student card is official proof of your student status. After you have paid the Student Union’s membership fee, you can order a plastic and/or digital card.

Membership and student card

Membership fee

To register for attendance as a basic degree student at Aalto University, you must pay the membership fee of Aalto University Student Union.

Membership and student card
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