Housing and nuisance

The residents of apartment buildings must take other residents into consideration and follow the rules and regulations. No one has the right to disrupt the peace, quiet, and comfort of living.
Ihmiset asunnossa puhuu kovaan ääneen

In apartment buildings, most noise from your neighbours is a part of everyday life and cannot be regulated. If the noise from your neighbour becomes disruptive, you should have a chat with your neighbour.

Residents should note that the sounds of living can also be heard at night. Normal everyday sounds include nighttime showers and other normal movements, or the sounds of children playing during the day. 

Tip: When planning a party, you should always notify other residents with a note, for example.

Musiikkia soi, alakerrassa yritetään nukkua

Recurring loud shouting or playing loud music in the apartment, late-night parties, or any other loud noise in the apartment should be addressed. Actions that disturb other residents in apartments, common facilities and courtyards is not permitted, whether it happens at night or during the day.

Disruptive actions may include playing the piano for several hours a day, constant dog barking, or playing loud music. The building rules and regulations include silent hours that all residents must follow. It's important to always avoid loud noises at night.

When should I get in touch?

If a conversation with your neighbour does not change the situation and disruptive actions continue, please contact the property owner. You should not tolerate disruptive actions for too long. The property owner can contact the person who causes nuisance and issue a notice or warning if necessary. Therefore, it is important that AYY’s housing services are informed about disruptive actions in the building. 

Whom should I contact?

  • AYY’s Services Office is only open during the day, so serious disruptive actions at night and at weekends should be reported to the police
  • If you hear noises suggesting violence or suspect a resident’s life is in danger, you must always contact the police immediately by calling the emergency number 112. Only the police should intervene in such situations.
  • If you are concerned about your neighbour, you can contact Western Uusimaa Social and Crisis Emergency Services, tel. 09 816 42439.
  • If disruptive actions are recurring, you can submit a written report to AYY’s housing services. AYY will not take action if disruptive actions are minor and short-term.

How do I report recurring disruptive actions?

Please report any disruptive actions in writingIn the form bank, you can find a form for reporting nuisance. 

It is very important that the report of disruptive actions is made together with other residents. You can also ask a castle warden to sign the report of nuisance. The names of the signatories of the report will not be disclosed to the person who has caused the nuisance when the process is addressed by AYY. Please note, however, that each informant must be prepared to testify in court if the situation so requires.

Please submit a signed and scanned report of nuisance to [email protected] or AYY’s Services Office at Otakaari 11.

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