Furniture and renovation

Make your home reflect your personality! On this page, you can find instructions for painting your apartment and how to find furniture to your apartment also.


If you want to paint one wall in your apartment, you can request a voucher form from AYY’s Housing Services. There is enough paint for painting one accent wall. When living in an AYY apartment, painting is a one-time perk, even if you have lived in multiple apartments in AYY.

There are a few things to remember while painting an accent wall:

  • Painting the floor or the ceiling is not permitted.
  • Painting radiators, power sockets and skirting boards is not permitted.
  • You can only use the paints from the painting set.
  • Painting doors or windowsills is not permitted.
  • If there are faults or other painting needs in your apartment, please contact the AYY’s real estate sector  with this electronic form.
  • Painting the walls in new buildings or renovated locations is not permitted if the contractor has made repairs to the walls before the two-year warranty period has ended. At the moment, none of AYY’s properties are under a warranty period.

You can pick up the paints or painting equipment from either Stark Olari or Stark Herttoniemi. A more detailed listing of the equipment in the painting set can be found on the voucher form. Only take those products of the set that you need. For example, if there are no holes in the accent wall, you do not need filler or a trowel.

Please read instructions how to paint interior walls to ensure a high-quality result. You can find instructions for painting the accent wall from Internet.

Painting the common areas in shared apartments with single rooms

You can also paint one accent wall in the common areas of shared apartments with single rooms, if all residents of the apartment are in agreement about the painting.

If you want to paint the common areas of your shared apartment, please contact AYY’s Housing Services to get a voucher for purchasing paints.

If the common areas of the shared apartment have been renovated by AYY, you cannot paint an accent wall.

Environmentally friendly paint options

Please prefer paints that have an eco-label or certificate, such as the EU Ecolabel or the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The paint shop staff are happy to tell you about paint options that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Responsible painting also includes proper waste disposal. It is a good idea to think in advance how much paint you will need. The less paint you have left over, the less its disposal will burden the environment.

Please recycle and dispose of your surplus paint by saving the environment with the following tips:

  • Could your surplus paint be used by a neighbour or friend, for example?
  • A carefully emptied metal can goes into metal waste and the plastic can into energy waste.
  • Paint cans containing liquid paint are hazardous waste. Hazardous waste should be taken to a hazardous waste collection point, such as a municipal waste disposal site or a Sortti station.
  • Liquid paint waste should not be flushed into drains, poured into the nature or placed in a waste container. Hazardous waste that is disposed of improperly causes environmental damage. In case of sorting problems, HSY waste guide provides instructions and the nearest recycling point:
  • Dry paint waste can be disposed of with mixed waste. Small amounts of liquid paint can be evaporated dry by leaving the lid open. 
Apply for paint voucher

Putting up artwork and shelves

Nail holes and picture hooks are part of the normal wear and tear of rental apartments, so light objects can be placed on the walls of AYY’s apartments in reasonable limits.

In case of larger projects, such as the bolting of sturdy fasteners into the wall for shelves or a television, these alterations must be restored to their previous condition and the walls cleaned when leaving the apartment.

Floor work

All floor work in the apartments are the responsibility of AYY’s Real Estate Sector. This means that, unfortunately, residents are not allowed to install new laminate flooring in the apartments, for example.

If the floor is in a particularly poor condition, please contact AYY’s Real Estate Sector using this contact form.


All AYY's apartments are unfurnished. This means that there is no bed, table or ceiling light in the apartment. However, the apartments have all of the fixed furnishings in the bathroom and kitchen (sink, fridge, stove, etc.).

Furniture can be acquired cheaply or for free from recycling centers (Kierrätyskeskus), or for example from a Telegram group @aaltomarketplace or a Facebook group Teekkari Village's Market.

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