Recycling and Waste Disposal

This page provides instructions on how to recycle unnecessary items and sort your waste properly.

Recycling of usable items

It is strictly prohibited to leave items in stairwells. This causes a fire safety hazard and the storing of items in the corridors is prohibited by the Rescue Act.

Potential ways to recycle your goods on social media in the Otaniemi area include Teekkari Village’s Market  on facebook and Giving away free stuff and Otaniemi buy/sell groups in Telegram messaging service. In addition, there is a Food giveaway group specialising in food waste reduction.

Recycling Centre - Reuse and Rescue & Viako

Reuse and Rescue
Reuse and Rescue and Viako are located in the basement of Servin Maijan tie 6D.

You can donate unbroken and usable items to the Otaniemi Recycling Centre. The recycling centre is located in the basement of Servin Maijan tie 6D. Reuse and Rescue and Viako operate on the premises of the recycling centre. Both services work for the reuse of used goods. Please do not leave items outside the building or in the basement corridor when the recycling centre is closed.

Recycling of clothes

UFF container, Otakaari 20

Re-usable and clean clothes can be delivered in plastic bags to the UFF container in the yard of Otakaari 20. Clothes must be clean and packed in closed plastic bags. More information about the clothes collection organisation can be found on the UFF website .

Waste management

Our aim is to provide residents with the opportunity to recycle as much as they like in AYY properties. Recycling instructions can be found next to the recycling bins and the ground floor lobbies in the staircases. You can also find current instructions on the HSY site. The map of recycling points in Otaniemi can be found at the bottom of the page.

Special waste


Dumpsters, parking lot of Servin Maijan tie 12

AYY dumpsters are located at the end of Servin Maijan tie. To these dumpsters you can bring larger waste, which is too big to fit in the normal bin. Please recycle electrical appliances to electronic waste instead of dumpsters.

Electronic waste

Elektroniikkaromun kierrätyspiste
Recycling point for electronic waste, Otakaari 20

Electronic recycling is located in the courtyard of Otakaari 20. The recycling point is located in a separate building in the courtyard. Enter using the door on the right.

Map of recycling points in Otaniemi

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