On this site, you will find housing-related forms.


  • Residents can agree to hand over the apartment and the apartment keys to the next tenant by using the following form: key handover agreement. The form must be delivered to housing services on the day of moving in.
  • If you cannot make it to the Housing Office during its opening hours, you can authorize another person to pick up the keys for you by power of attorney, for example.
  • You can order a new key, report a lost key, ask about the door code or other key-related issues by using this form.

Condition of the apartment

  • Remember to fill in this inspection form when moving in. In AYY apartments, a new tenant always checks the condition of the new apartment when moving in. It is the former tenant's responsibility to leave the apartment in an excellent condition for the new tenant, but sometimes there may be surprises.
  • In non-urgent defect situations, a defect report is submitted to a maintenance company via a defect report form*>> 
    (*Exception: Maapadontie 5 fault reports are made by phone to Property Service Alamaa Ltd 045 277 6601.)

Compensating the right of residence

Storage spaces

Storage units are available in AYY’s residential properties for the use of residents. If you need a storage unit,  please contact [email protected].

Subleasing, secondary leasing and temporary assignment

Deposit and rent

With this form, you can send a message to AYY regarding rent and deposit.

Guardian's consent for minors

  • Guardian's consent (pdf)
  • With this form, the guardian confirms that the minor in question can apply for AYY housing.
  • The guardian is responsible for the lease and its obligations until the dependant reaches the age of 18.


  • Report of nuisance form (pdf) Fill out this form if you want to report nuisance of another resident. You can find more detailed instructions for housing and nuisance here.

Parking and control

Parking spaces can be rented close to almost all of AYY’s properties. If you need a parking space, please contact the Housing Services using this form.

Car rental prices vary by destination. In Teekkarikylä, a parking space with an electric pole costs, for example, 15 € / month and a place without an electric pole costs 8 € / month.

The parking spaces at  Maapadontie are controlled by the maintenance companies of the properties. If a resident of these properties needs a parking space, queries should be sent to the maintenance company. The contact details of maintenance companies can be found on each property’s own site.

If you have received a ticket for incorrect parking, please negotiate with the party who fined you. Unfortunately, AYY cannot influence the tickets received by residents.


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