Defect situations and door opening service

Information on door opening services and what to do in defect situations. Tapiolan Lämpö Ltd is the maintenance company for the properties, with the exception of Maapadontie 5, where the maintenance company is Property Service Alamaa Ltd.

In non-urgent defect situations, a defect report is submitted to a maintenance company via a defect report form*: 

Defect report form>>

*Exception: Maapadontie 5 fault reports are made by phone to Property Service Alamaa Ltd 045 277 6601.

Urgent defects and damages must be reported to the 24/7 maintenance emergency service by phone (e.g. water damage or sewer blockage): 

  • Tapiolan Lämpö Ltd tel. 020 750 5300 

  • (exception: Maapadontie 5 / Artti tel.045 277 6601)

In case of serious disorder or danger, call the emergency number 112.

A resident’s electronic defect report is saved directly in the property management program, from where the tasks are allocated to various operators. Please submit one defect per report to ensure that they are directed to the correct operators. If necessary, you can submit multiple reports. 

Identify and describe the defect and its location as accurately as possible. If possible, please attach one or several pictures to your report. When submitting the defect report, please ensure your contact details are up to date. Additionally, provide information regarding any pets in your apartment. When filling in the report, you can choose whether to allow the maintenance company to enter your apartment with the master key, which will speed up the repair process, or choose whether the maintenance company will contact you to schedule a visit. 

For non-urgent maintenance work, the estimated repair time is3–5weekdays. For larger repairs, the repair time depends on the case; residents will be informed about the schedule. 

If the maintenance company has not contacted you within 3 weekdays regarding a non-urgent defect, please contact the maintenance service by phone. 

Contact details of the maintenance, exception: 

Tapiolan Lämpö tel. 020 750 5300 

*Exception: Maapadontie 5 maintenance requests are made by phone to Property Service Alamaa Ltd 045 277 6601.

Avaimet keltaisella taustalla

Door opening service 

If you lock yourself out of your apartment, Securitas will open your door every day and at any time of the day for a door opening fee.

If you live in AYY housing* and lock yourself out of your apartment, call Securitas emergency number 0600 13513. The cost of a call is 8.21 cents/call + local network charge/mobile charge.

  1. You must prove your identity by showing an official identity document with a photo, e.g. a passport or identity card. The door opening can only be ordered by a resident who is officially registered as AYY resident.  
  2. Securitas sends an invoice to the resident by mail for opening the door. If you have any questions about the invoice, please contact Securitas. The door opening service fee is €30 on weekdays and €60 on weekends and holidays. Weekend/holiday fee is valid from 6 pm on Friday or the weekday before the holiday until 6 am on Monday or the following weekday after the holiday. 

*Exception: Maapadontie 5 door opening by Property Service Alamaa Ltd: 045 277 6601.

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