Your student union

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Your student union

Aalto University Student Union AYY represents approximately 17,000 Aalto University students of arts, design, business and technology. AYY advocates for its members and provides student housing and services.

All students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at Aalto University are members of the Student Union. Exchange students and doctoral students can also join AYY members if they wish.

AYY’s goal is to enable its members to have the best student life in the world by promoting wellbeing and developing teaching at Aalto University, among other things. AYY oversees the interests of its members and provides them with services, such as student housing, rental facilities, and vehicles.

AYY arranges various events throughout the year for all members of the Aalto community. Additionally, more than 200 associations operating within AYY ensure that there are activities happening within the Aalto community every day of the year.

The highest decision-making authority at AYY is exercised by a 45-member Representative Council, elected for two-year terms. Daily operations are overseen by the Board comprising ten members. Each board member oversees one or several operational sectors. Practical operations within these sectors are taken care of by hired specialists. In addition to elected officials and employees, there are hundreds of volunteers working at the student union annually.

AYY in numbers

  • 17,000 members
  • More than 200 associations
  • Assets of 130 m€
  • Annual budget of 5 m€
  • Approx. 2,500 student apartments
  • 40 employees
  • 10 full-time board members
  • Hundreds of volunteers
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For new students

On this page, you will find important information for new students and some tips for the early stages of your studies.

Your student union
A huge student character changing one’s appearance. Around the character and in one’s arms other students are bathing in the sauna, riding alpacas and putting out the burning shoe of the big student. The student is walking along the path led by AYY’s strategy.

This is how we are creating the best student life in the world

Aalto University Student Union’s strategy describes AYY’s operational priorities for 2021–2024. The strategy helps AYY to better serve its members and respond to changes in its operating environment proactively and smoothly.


What can I do in the student union?

Aalto University Student Union exists for its members, and members can also participate in student union activities in many different ways.

What is AYY?
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Aalto University Student Union is the service and advocacy organisation for its approximately 17,000 members. The aim of all student union activities is to enable members to experience the best student life in the world.



The Student Union promotes the best student life in the world by influencing issues related to education, student life and student well-being at the university and in society at large.

What is AYY?

Come work for AYY!

Aalto University Student Union employs 40 people, ranging from professionals who are just starting their careers to very experienced employees.

What is AYY?
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Collaborative Partners

The partners help AYY to provide its members with the best possible services and to advance their interests in society.

What is AYY?

Insignia used by Aalto students

The Aalto community is large in numbers, but also incredibly versatile. This versatility is reflected not only in the colour scale of overalls, but also in many other ways.



The foundations of Aalto University Student Union lie in the student unions of Helsinki School of Economics, University of Art and Design Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology. When these three universities merged on 1 Jan 2010 to form Aalto University, the student unions merged as well and formed the new Aalto University Student Union.

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