Departing residents

Are you moving out of AYY apartment? On this page, you will find instructions for returning keys and cleaning the apartment when moving out. 

Terminate your lease well in advance 

Leases have a notice period of one calendar month. You can terminate your lease on Domo

Do the final cleaning  

Clean the apartment carefully. In a shared apartment, make sure to clean the common areas on your part. The apartment must be cleaned by 12:00 on the official move-out day so that the new resident can start moving in. Make sure there is enough space for moving in and out.  

  • Empty the apartment of all furniture and belongings. Wipe surfaces clean of dust and stains. 
  • Vacuum the apartment and wipe the floors with a damp cloth. Wash the windows of the apartment, but only from the inside if it’s frosty outside. 
  • Wipe away dirt from the air conditioning vent and its exterior.  
  • Clean the top of the stove and also clean the sides, the back wall and floor around the stove. Wipe the cooker hood and wash the cooker hood filter. 
  • Defrost the freezer and clean the fridge. Be careful not to let the melting water drain onto the floor. If you don’t turn the refrigerator back on after cleaning, leave the doors slightly open. 
  • Wash and wipe down all bathroom fixtures, floor, and walls. In addition, clean the floor drain and laundry cabinet.  
  • Remember to empty and sweep the balcony. 

Empty and lock the storage unit  

Empty and lock your storage unit with AYY’s lock and return the key to the services office. 
If you have used your own lock, please replace it with AYY’s lock (check our service hours). Return the key with other keys to the services office. 

Please note! If you are living in one of the following locations: Arkadiankatu, Haarniskatie, Kääpiöidenpolku, Kaj Franckin katu, Rummunlyöjänkatu, Otaranta or Jämeräntaival and you are handing over the keys to the new resident, always return the storage unit key to the services office.  

Return the keys  

  • Please return the keys no later than the official move-out day, which is the first weekday following the end date of the lease. This also applies to AYY’s internal apartment transfers.  
  • The next resident has the right to access the apartment at 12:00 on your move-out day. If you have several keys to the apartment, please return at least one key to the services office before 11:00. You must return the rest of the keys, parking space permissions, keys, and remote controls by the end of the same day.  
  • Return the keys to the service counter or the letterbox located on the white wooden door at Otakaari. Place the keys inside the envelope, seal it, and write your name, the apartment address, and the apartment number on it.  
  • If you fail to return all the keys, AYY will charge you for the rekeying costs. 
  • Please note! If you live at Maapadontie, please return the keys directly to the maintenance company.  

Key handover with the new resident  

You can arrange the key handover to the new resident by using the key handover agreement. Your responsibility for the apartment and rent payments remains until the end of the tenancy. Therefore, we recommend that you hand over the keys to the new tenant as close to the end of your own lease as possible.  

Return the key handover agreement to AYY as soon as it is signed, but no later than the moving day.  

If you haven’t submitted the agreement to the services office by 12 noon on the moving day of the new lease at the latest, and if cleaning or repair work has been ordered for the apartment, you will be responsible for the resulting cleaning and other expenses.  

Other issues to remember  

  • Remember to submit a notification of change of address to Posti and Digital and Population Data Services Agency.  
  • Transfer your electricity contract to your new address.  
  • Update your home insurance. 

Recycle unnecessary items  

  • See tips for recycling and waste sorting. You can also find a dumpster for larger waste and a recycling point for electronic waste nearby.  
  • Recycle useful items and clothes. The Recycling Centre in the metropolitan area, for example, picks up clean and reusable furniture and small items, and you can also personally bring donations to recycling centres.  
  • Check the recycling groups in your area, such as Teekkari Village’s Market on Facebook or Otaniemi buy/sell on Telegram.  
  • Leaving items in stairwells or common areas is strictly prohibited due to the fire safety risk. Additionally, storing items in corridors is prohibited under the Rescue Act. If AYY has to remove your belongings from the common areas, you are liable for all associated costs. 

Deposit refund  

If a deposit has been charged, it will be refunded to your account no later than the 20th of the month, provided that all obligations have been fulfilled and the apartment is in good condition. If you have any questions about the deposit, please contact us!  

Where to find more information?  

Street address: Otakaari 25, 02150 Espoo  
Check the current service hours on the website.  
Email: [email protected]  

Final cleaning

AYY services office

At AYY services office, you can ask about anything related to student life. We assist you with inquiries regarding finding housing, moving, and all matters related to residence. You can also contact the services office by phone.

AYY services office


On this site, you will find housing-related forms.

Otarannan kerhotilan hyllykkö

Cleaning instructions for common areas in shared apartments

On this page, you will find instructions for keeping common areas in shared apartments tidy.

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