Facelift renovation of B & C staircases at Otakaari 18 have been completed

Comfort improvement (facelift) renovation at Otakaari 18 B & C staircases has been completed. The project progressed on schedule and was very successful from the property owner’s point of view. Facelift renovations took place between 11/2023 and 3/2024. Renovations took approximately 3 days in studios, 4 days in two-room apartments, and 5 days in larger apartments. The repairs were conducted during the workday, allowing residents to stay overnight in their own homes despite the renovation.

Why was a decision made to conduct comfort improvement (facelift) renovations at the property?  

The larger renovations were not yet necessary for the property, so we began smaller comfort improvement renovations to enhance the appearance of the apartments. At Otakaari 18, comfort improvement renovations included enhancements in surface materials and partial replacements of kitchen fittings. Our professionals selected high-quality and stylish materials for the renovation to maximise the comfort of the apartments. The renovation included light surface updates in apartments, including floor renewal, wall painting, and the replacement of kitchen fittings and fixtures. Additionally, bathroom fixtures, faucets, shower walls, and silicone seams were also renewed.  

"Scheduling and conceptualizing of facelift renovations began as early as 2020. The goal was to find a renovation method that was particularly well-suited for shared apartments. In AYY properties, shared apartments are never completely vacant, and renovations cannot be conducted during the transition between departing and incoming residents without terminating the tenants’ rental agreements. Renovating all apartments at once makes it easier to plan maintenance for the housing stock and helps maintain consistent apartment quality", says Monika Kivimäki, CFO in charge of housing operations. 

The model is also ideal for properties with no shared apartments, and project planning is considerably simpler without shared apartments. Consistency is important from an equity perspective, as rent determination in our properties follows a self-financing basis in accordance with the ARA guidelines.  

We chose Otakaari as the first project because it included various types of shared apartments in addition to studios. There were a total of 136 residential spaces to be renovated, with more than half of them in shared apartments. The selection of the property was also influenced by the possibility to conduct the renovation without additional funding and without raising the residents’ rent. There had been an increasing number of complaints about the condition of shared apartments. The goal is that after the comfort improvement renovations, residents will feel more comfortable and be more inclined to stay longer in the property. We did not want to select the first property to be one where bathroom renovations would already have been necessary.  

The project succeeded as planned and on schedule 

"The pre-established schedule and a detailed review with the contractor proceeded smoothly, and the project was conducted entirely according to the schedule. This project also provided valuable insights for future facelift projects. In the following projects, we will carefully consider in advance which issues will be included and which will be excluded from the projects. With Otakaari 18, we ended up excluding the renewal of stoves and refrigerators, but we added Venetian blinds to the project", says Petri Kuusisto, Project Manager who runs the AYY property team.  

Project management and supervision related to the facelift renovation of Otakaari 18 was conducted by Projektinuotit Ltd. When entering the implementation phase of the project, it was understood that conducting a comprehensive renovation of surfaces while residents remained in the apartments might pose challenges. From the very beginning of the project, cooperation with the client AYY and the contractor Renevo Ltd worked well. Together we successfully developed operational methods and communication plans tailored to Otakaari 18 property. As a result, the project could be conducted according to plan in terms of quality and schedule. The positive attitude of the residents towards the project also contributed to its success, as renovation in occupied apartments inevitably causes inconvenience and extra work for the residents. The project serves as a good example of how, by pulling together, renovation projects can be smoothly conducted even in occupied properties.  
- Project Manager Mika Nykänen shares his views on the project.  

Are you planning to conduct more facelift renovations in AYY properties? 

We will continue the facelift projects. We are currently evaluating the needs of various properties, based on which decisions are made regarding the sequence of implementation and the scope of facelift renovations for each property, says Petri Kuusisto.  

Q&A with a resident of Otakaari 18 on facelift renovation:   

  1. What was it like to live in your apartment during the renovation?  
    - I lived with my parents during the renovation.  
  2. What is your opinion on the success of the renovation? Did you like the choice of materials and colours?  
    - Returning to the apartment felt like moving into a brand new place. Replacing the plastic carpet with laminate flooring and renovating the surfaces gave the apartment a more modern appearance.  
  3. Has the apartment been more functional for you after the facelift renovation?  
    - I think that a more comfortable apartment makes living here more enjoyable.    
  4. Which aspects could have been improved or done differently?  
    - In my opinion, the execution of the renovation was very successful. The renovation did not cause much inconvenience considering that we gained more comfortable apartments.  
  5. Do you think the scope of the renovation was suitable, functional, too limited, etc.?  
    - The facelift renovation was functional and successful.  
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