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Questions and answers to student card questions

As a member of AYY, you can use all AYY’s services. The Student Union promotes your interests both at the University and on the national level.

As a member of the Student Union you can:

  • subscribe to the weekly newsletter
  • apply for AYY’s or TTE Fund’s project grant for a project to be implemented with a group of friends or your association
  • apply for scholarships allocated by AYY
  • get a free calendar for the academic year from the Services Office
  • get help, support and advice for the establishment and operations of an association
  • utilise AYY’s advocacy work when for example your exam grading is late
  • run as a candidate in the Representative Council elections and become a member of the Representative Council where you can decide on the Student Union’s priorities and policies
  • apply for a position of a student representative in administration and promote the students’ interests in the University's bodies
  • by showing your student card, you are entitled to national student benefits: VR, HSL and Matkahuolto provide public transport at a discounted price, Kela subsidises meal costs and YTHS (FSHS)  provides student health care. A list of all the benefits and deals available with the student card can be found here:

In addition:
You can use student health care and as a student of Aalto, you also get student prices at UniSport.


AYY owns 2,600 apartments in the metropolitan area providing homes for 3,200 student union members.

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Membership and Student Card

As a member of the Student Union, you will be able to enjoy all of AYY’s services, as well as a wide range of student benefits nationally and even internationally.

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Rent facilities or van

AYY's members can rent saunas, meeting rooms, and venues for academic dinner parties at an affordable price. You can read about the facilities and rental terms in more detail on this site.

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Advocacy and Guidance

Have you been mistreated or harassed in your studies? Do you need help with coping with your studies? On this page, you will find help.

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AYY Services Office

At the AYY Services Office you can ask about anything related to student life. We also help you with questions concerning housing search, keys, moving, renting and apartments. You can also contact the services office by phone.

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