Administrative Documents

Housing Regulations and Strategy

Regulations on Housing

Regulations for AYY's Apartments

The new rules and regulations have entered into force at the housing cooperative meeting on 30.11.2020. The rules and regulations apply to all persons living in AYY’s apartments and using AYY’s facilities.

Housing Regulations

Housing Policy

Administrative Regulation for the Halls of Residence

Scoring of Applications

Housing Committee

Interpretations on Regulations

Strategy 2021-2024

At its February meeting 1/2021, the Representative Council of Aalto University Student Union has approved AYY's new strategy, which replaces the previous strategy documents "Direction of the Student Union" and "Property strategy". Property strategy's period of validity has thereby ended after the Representative council approved AYY's new strategy in February 2021.


Strategies and Policy Paper

Strategies and Policy Paper

Administrative Documents
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