Changes in Housing

Changes in Housing

This site contains different changes to housing situations including a temporary move from an apartment, switching apartments, subleasing, compensating the right of residence and residents leaving family or friend apartments.

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Exchange studies or other temporary move from the apartment

Are you a resident of AYY and leaving your apartment temporarily? On this page, you will find instructions on what to do about your apartment when leaving for a student exchange, internship or military service, for example.

Changes in Housing
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Apartment transfer

Sometimes situations in life change and your current apartment no longer meets your needs in terms of size or location, for example. You can apply for a transfer from one location to another, for example from a shared apartment in Leppävaara to another shared apartment in Teekkari Village – or maybe you need to transfer from a shared apartment to a studio or move from a studio to a two-room or three-room apartment that is more suitable for a family with children.

Changes in Housing

Subleasing, secondary leasing and temporary assignment

On this page, you can find instructions for subleasing, secondary leasing or temporary assignment.

Changes in Housing

Compensating the right of residence

AYY’s right of residence can be compensated for the time period during which the resident has been unable to utilise the housing services.

Changes in Housing
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Shared housing with your friend

AYY’s residents in shared housing can suggest a person with AYY’s primary lease to live in their shared apartment. This makes it easier for friends to live in the same place. The person moving in does not have to live in the same housing group as the proposer – they can live in a studio or a two-room apartment, for example. However, their old apartment must become vacant when they move into a shared apartment.

Changes in Housing
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Resident Leaving a Family or Friend apartment

Is one of the residents in your apartment moving out? On this page, you will find instructions on what to do when one resident of a family or friend apartment moves out.

Changes in Housing
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