Do not make any more changes to an old housing application

Earlier, we provided information on the upcoming changes to the tenant selection process, set to be implemented in week 43, and the resulting impact on housing applications.

Under the new process, applications will be evaluated in accordance with the ARA model, which categorizes applicants based on their degree of urgency. Essentially, housing need, financial status, and income will all be treated as equally significant criteria for prioritizing applicants. When selecting tenants, precedence will be granted to those with the most pressing housing requirements and those with limited financial means.

If an applicant needs to make adjustments to an already-submitted application, they must submit an entirely new application. It's important to note that no additional annexes should be appended to existing applications, as this would impede our ability to place applicants in the correct priority category.
Ajankohtaista, Press release
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Advance booking of facilities for the spring of 2024

AYY’s associations have the right to book rental saunas, event venues and meeting rooms in advance. In this booking round, you can book facilities for the period Mon 8th Jan 2024 - Sun 4th Aug 2024.
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Free education must be preserved

Today is the Day of Free Education. In the light of current politics, the significance of the day is even greater. Free education must not be compromised.
Ajankohtaista, Blog
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Resident selection changes to enter into force in week 43

Resident selection changes to enter into force in week 43. The changes are related to the reform of housing regulations.
Ajankohtaista, Press release

The new sauna shift policies will come into force

We are renewing our sauna shift policy, which will mean that the current monthly weekly shifts will be phased out from 1.11.2023. Residents have been involved in the renewal of sauna booking practices through resident committees and a resident survey conducted in the spring. T
Ajankohtaista, Press release

Livelihood and well-being at stake – how will the position of students deteriorate with government budget proposal?

In recent weeks, university takeovers have put a spotlight on the decisions of the Orpo Government’s first budget session to cut housing allowance and freeze the index of student financial aid. AYY’s Social Policy Specialist Tiina Pajukari explains in her blog post why cuts on students are unsustainable and answers frequently asked questions on discussion boards and comment fields regarding student income.
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Tempaus 2024 is happening - apply to Tempaus Committee

Tempaus is a traditional way for students to influence the world by utilizing the community and the power it brings. You can apply for Tempaus committee from 5 Oct to 22 Oct 2023.
Ajankohtaista, Press release

AYY proposes Tomas Kurenniemi as the Vice President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL

AYY proposes Tomas Kurenniemi as the Vice President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL for the year 2024.
Press release
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Don't settle for grumbling, apply to RepCo!

The nomination of candidates of this fall's Representative Council election is open until 2 October 4 p.m.
Apply to RepCo!

Apply as a volunteer

This is your chance to participate in making the best student life in the world.

AYY nominates Totti Korpua as a candidate of SYL's board in 2024

Aalto University Student Union nominates Totti Korpua to the board of the National Union of University Students in Finland. The board will be elected at the federal meeting on 17-18 November 2023 in Tampere.
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We demand decision-makers to show backbone and eradicate racism

Student unions AYY, HYY, ISYY, JYY, SHS, TYY, TREY, VYY, ÅAS, OYY, LTKY and ArtSU are dismayed at the state of the ongoing racism debate in society and demand concrete measures to eradicate racism. Racist statements made by people in high places have shown what is wrong with racism debate: people targeted by racism are not listened to, racist comments are diminished or taken as a joke, and the debate gets sidetracked. We need anti-racist actions, understanding and solidarity.
Ajankohtaista, Kannanotot ja lausunnot
"We demand decision-makers to show backbone and eradicate racism"
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