Acknowledgements awarded at the AYY14 Annual Ball

Acknowledgements were awarded to outstanding members of the Aalto community at AYY's 14th annual ball on 18 May 2024.
kuvassa AYY:n yhteisö-, ansio- ja kunniamerkkejä kuntanauhoihin kiinnitettynä

Badges of merit and honor are awarded yearly as acknowledgements for active contributions in support of AYY and its objectives. There are three kinds of badges of merit and honor: the community badge, the badge of merit and the badge of honor. In addition, AYY has a special acknowledgement; the hero badge. In addition, a miniature flag and AYY's sash may also be awarded.

In addition to badges, AYY also awards other forms of acknowledgement to members of the Aalto community and for actions that have impacted the community.

You can read further information on the acknowledgements on this page.

Acknowledgements awarded on the AYY14 Annual Ball 18 May

Community Badge

Atte Reunanen

Ene Rönkkö

Jenni Toivonen

Valtteri Siira

Aino Tontti

Veera Ollikainen

Heidi Heliölä

Julia Karinto

Leo Immonen

Minea Erviö

Annamaria Ráduly-Baka

Emil Huttunen

Topias Turppa

Joona Nevalainen

Tomas Kurenniemi

Bartlomiej Rey

Erik Halttunen

Marianna Malkamäki

Jani Järviluoto

Essi Tallgren

Badge of Merit

Sampo Sainio

Timi Tiira

Visa Pollari

Jonna Mikkonen

Totti Korpua

Weixin Niemi

Oskari Järvinen

Niina Tapanainen

Ida Parkkinen

Matias Saikku

Badge of Honor

Jussi Valtonen


Linda Liukas

Miniature Flag

Hannes Helminen

Sirkku Linna

Hero Badge

Teekkarispeksin tekniikka

Occupy Aalto

Learning Promotion Deed

Anu Lehtovuori

Sustainable Deed

Sustainability Action Booster

International Deed

Aalto Students for Palestine

Aalto Athletes of the Year

Anton Eklund

Lassi Liimatainen

AYY congratulates the recipients of the acknowledgements and thanks them for their contributions for the student union!

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