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Aalto University Student Union members now have the opportunity to apply as candidates for the Development Cooperation Advisory Board (KENKKU) and Climate Network of SYL, the National Union of University Students in Finland. In the committees, you have the opportunity to learn and engage in national advocacy work in the field of development cooperation and climate policy.
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The Development Cooperation Advisory Board (KENKKU) manages development projects with a development cooperation policy expert and a member of the SYL Board. SYL has two ongoing development cooperation projects – one in Ethiopia and one in Zambia. Both projects focus on supporting higher education students with disabilities. The term of office starts in August 2024 and ends in July 2025. The Advisory Board meets about once a month, excluding the summer months.

The Climate Network is a group of student union actors and students who write blog posts on SYL’s website, represent SYL at various campaigns and events, participate in various rounds of opinions as an advisory body, and devise and develop climate impact for SYL and student unions. The term of office begins in August 2024 and ends in July 2025. The climate network meets about once a month, excluding the summer months.

"As a member of SYL Climate Network, I have had the opportunity to participate in interesting events, connect with members from other student unions, and learn how to influence at the national level. The network activities have been truly inspiring. I highly recommend applying to SYL committees if you are interested in sustainable development!" – Wilma Branders, Member of SYL Climate Network 2023–2024

Apply to become AYY’s representative by submitting a motivation letter to Wilma Branders, the Board Member responsible for social policy and sustainable development ([email protected]) no later than Sunday, 7 Apr 2024. The AYY Board selects the three most suitable candidates for each position and forwards their applications to SYL by 14 April. The SYL Board will select a maximum of 15 members for each body from the candidates of the student unions.

For further information on KENKKU and the Climate Network, please contact Board Member Wilma Branders ([email protected]) and refer to the links provided below.

KENKKU’s call for applications:

Climate Network’s call for applications:

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