Representative Council Elections

Representative Council Elections

The Representative Council elections will be held next time in Autumn 2021.


The Council consists of 45 representatives who must be members of AYY. The Representative Council has a central role in the Student Union’s decision-making process. The Council decides on AYY's major directions, strategic goals, guidelines and opinions. These include the Student Union’s strategy, values, rules, policy papers and the up to 17-million-euro budget. Daily activities and detailed preparations do not belong to the Council. This year, the Representative Council has decided, among other things, on the hiring of the new Executive Director, the future of Aino magazine and changes to the Student Union's Constitution .

Voting has now finished and the elections are over. Thank you to all candidates and voters! You can find the results here.

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Electoral Alliances

Electoral Alliances in the 2019 Representative Council Elections

Representative Council Elections
Edustajisto kokoustaa

Representative Council

The Representative Council represents all members of the Student Union and exercises the highest authority at AYY.

AYY as an Organisation

Instructions for Candidates and Alliances

Election timeline, instructions and general information for candidates and electoral alliances

Representative Council Elections


Documents, including forms, agreements, information and other materials

Representative Council Elections


Kuvassa juuri valittu vuoden 2021 hallitus
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

Aalto University Student Union Board elected for the year 2021

At its meeting on Thursday, 26 Nov 2020, the Representative Council of Aalto University Student Union elected the AYY Board for the year 2021. The Board was elected in accordance with the proposal of the Former of the Board, Milja Leinonen. The meeting also elected Noora Torpo and Petra Ekroos as Vice Chairs of the Representative Council.
Kuvassa Milja Leinonen ja Joonas Nurmi
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

AYY elected the Chair of the Representative Council for 2021 and the former of the Board

Aalto University Student Union’s Representative Council elected the Chair of the Representative Council and the former of the Board for 2021 at its meeting held on Thursday, 5 Nov 2020. Next year, Joonas Nurmi will chair the Representative Council and Milja Leinonen will form the Board.
Hallituksenmuodostaja Olli Kesseli ja edustajiston puheenjohtaja Suvi Vendelin
Ajankohtaista Published:

AYY has appointed the Chair of the Representative Council and the former of the Board for 2020

AYY has appointed the Chair of the Representative Council and the former of the Board for the year 2020 in their meeting on Tuesday 12 Nov 2019. Next year, Suvi Vendelin will act as the Chair of the Representative Council and Olli Kesseli as the former of the Board.
Ajankohtaista Published:

”I should not ask you to save democracy, but that would be nice” – Results of AYY’s Representative Council elections bring changes to group seats

Aalto-yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan vuoden 2019 edustajistovaalit järjestettiin 28.10.-5.11. Vaaleilla valittiin 45-henkinen edustajisto, joka käyttää ylioppilaskunnassa ylintä päätösvaltaa. Edustajistovaalien voittajiin kuuluu Vihreämpi Aalto -ryhmä, joka kolminkertaisti paikkamääränsä edellisiin vaaleihin nähden. Myös Pro Arte ja Kylterirengas nostivat kummatkin paikkamääräänsä yhdellä.
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