Representative Council Election

Candidates and Electoral Alliances 2023

Candidates and electoral alliances in the 2023 Representative Council election
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Electoral Alliances

Aallon Kokoomus

Aallon Kokoomus is an interdisciplinary group of the National Coalition Party-minded students, who are candidates for AYY’s Representative Council.

In our opinion, AYY should focus on its core activities and provide services that benefit as many members of the student union as possible. Students’ funds should be used responsibly and their purpose is not to save the world. Let’s keep the student union focused on student affairs.

Electoral representative: Marianna Malkamäki
Telegram @MMalkamaki
[email protected]

Aallon Kokoomus


CHEM is an electoral alliance consisting of students at Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering advocating for their affairs in 2023 AYY Representative Council elections. For our electoral alliance, it is important to bring out the voice of our small school in decisions regarding the student union and to promote the interests of our students within the student union. Through our activities, we also aim to engage the interest of our students in the activities of the Representative Council and to be easily available in all matters related to the Representative Council. 

In the 2023 Representative Council elections, the CHEM electoral alliance is part of the Jämerä Ratas electoral coalition.

Electoral representative: Olli Tunkelo
Telegram @torpedoboi
[email protected]



Kylterirengas is an electoral alliance that represents business students in the Aalto community. We come from different backgrounds, but we share a passion for the student community. 

Our mission is to bring the business students’ viewpoints to the matters that concern the whole Aalto community, such as campus, housing and student activities provided by the student union. We want AYY’s services and activities to be easily accessible for all of its members and that AYY’s resources are used in a sustainable manner.

Many business students are active in associations within the Aalto community, and we are also voicing the opinions about how the student activities should be supported and what kind of volunteer opportunities are offered at AYY.

Electoral representative: Mikael Blinnikka  
Telegram @Mikachu7five11
[email protected]



Luja is a representative council group mainly consisting of students in the Guild of Mechanical Engineers, which promotes its students’ interests in Aalto University Student Union AYY. One of the important goals of Luja is to get more young students interested in the student union affairs. 

Individual issues also interest and concern those who are not actively involved in the activities of the Representative Council, therefore Luja’s goal is to get our interest group members to participate in discussion on issues that are addressed in the Representative Council as easily as possible. Luja’s goal is to achieve a stronger student union together. 

In the 2023 Representative Council elections, the Luja electoral alliance is part of the Jämerä Ratas electoral coalition.

Electoral representative: Janika Metsola
Telegram @janikametsola
[email protected]



LUOVA’s central value is a constructive and forward-looking attitude towards Aalto’s diverse student culture and university community. We at Luova are united by our interest and expertise in the built environment, real estate development and land use planning. We see student housing as AYY’s most important service, the development of which should be a top priority, especially in the upcoming years. 

AYY should increase the amount of student housing in the Otaniemi campus area as much as possible and aim to provide conditions for the best student life in the world to more and more of its members. As a property developer, AYY should commit to the principles of sustainable construction, considering the emissions of its buildings throughout their life span. Luova’s aim is to work together to make Otaniemi the best university campus in the world to live, study and reside in. 

Luova is not committed to any political ideology, everyone is welcome, especially people interested in campus development.  

In the 2023 Representative Council elections, the LUOVA electoral alliance is part of the Jämerä Ratas electoral coalition.

Electoral representative: Teemu Kanniainen
Telegram @MrFriendshipMan


Pro Arte

Vote for Pro Arte in the RepCo election! 

After a 2 year break, Pro Arte is making a comeback! Pro Arte represents ARTS & its students in the Representative Council. Vote for us if you stand for ARTS advocacy, multidisciplinary collaboration, expansion of affordable and accessible student housing, mental health awareness and internationality.

In the 2023 Representative Council elections, the Pro Arte electoral alliance is part of the Pro Progress electoral coalition.

Electoral representative: Lucas Jordi Lassenius
Telegram @lucasjordi

Pro Arte


SCIsma is an electoral alliance that brings together the students of Aalto School of Science and aims to bring out the voice of all students it represents in an easily approachable manner. In the Representative Council, SCIsma promotes goal-oriented and constructive discussion on difficult topics, too. Although SCIsma does not usually require group discipline, our policy is to find a common view within the alliance first, which can then be promoted together. 

As a school, SCI coordinates the University’s international bachelor programmes and receives a significant number of international students. SCIsma therefore helps to support the integration of international students into their own and other student community activities. The purpose is to create equal opportunities for international students to participate in activities and develop the activities in the future. 

Opinions may be built on many perspectives but, above all, SCIsma looks like its members.  

In the 2023 Representative Council elections, the SCIsma electoral alliance is part of the Jämerä Ratas electoral coalition.

Electoral representative: Julia Sippala
Telegram @soppala 


Valta kuuluu fukseille

There’s a ghost haunting Aalto – the ghost of fresherism. All the powers of the old Aalto are allied in a holy hunt against this ghost. –Fresher manifesto, foreword

Valta kuuluu fukseille (Power belongs to freshers) electoral alliance is Aalto’s first political body promoting freshers. In our operations, we follow the guidelines defined in the fresher manifesto. However, we have not published the manifesto, so for anyone unfamiliar with the principles of fresherism, you vote at your own risk. (You cannot withdraw your ballot from the ballot box).

Electoral representative: Jesperi Luoto
Telegram @luotoj

Valta kuuluu fukseille

Vapaasti vasemmalla Lenient Left

Lenient Left is a new interdisciplinary electoral alliance in AYY’s Representative Council elections 2023.

For us, it’s important to invest in advocacy, inclusion, social policy and internationality, in particular. We demand action for a more equal and sustainable Aalto community. We believe that AYY should contribute to ensuring adequate livelihood, affordable housing and accessible university and campus community for students.

In the 2023 Representative Council elections, the Lenient Left electoral alliance is part of the Pro Progress electoral coalition.

Electoral representative: Veera Ollikainen  
Telegram @ollivee 
[email protected]

Vapaasti vasemmalla

Vihreämpi Aalto Greener Aalto

Greener Aalto is an independent electoral coalition for a fairer student union. We want to build a sustainable campus, defend tuition-free education and the quality of teaching, make studying more flexible and make sure the wellbeing and the livelihood of students are secured. 

Electoral representative: Silva Robbins
Telegram @silvuli
[email protected]

Vihreämpi Aalto


Do you want statistics, facts and analyses for student union decision-making?

Voltti is a traditional and long-lived, politically independent electoral alliance of the School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC) and part of the electoral coalition of technical students, Jämerä Ratas. We promote rational and transparent decision-making, which allows the Student Union to thrive in the long term. It’s important to us that we have a functioning Aalto community, which consists of students from all fields. An important aspect of this is the spirit of technical students, which must be seen and heard. In addition, it’s important for us to hear your voice and concerns regarding Aalto and the Aalto community and to bring them up in the Representative Council.

In the 2023 Representative Council elections, the Voltti electoral alliance is part of the Jämerä Ratas electoral coalition.

Vote for Voltti!

Electoral representative: Emil Fihlman
Telegram @emilfihlman
[email protected]



Våga (formerly Polytekarna) is a representative council group consisting mainly of Swedish-speaking representatives who promote topics that concern all Aalto students – Våga is not affiliated with any degree programme. Våga’s aim is to achieve a student union that reflects its members, where the members’ experiences are not dependent on their language or field of study. 

Electoral representative: Marielle Gustafsson
Telegram @mariellegustafsson
[email protected]


Yhden tähden liike

Yhden tähden liike is an unideological alliance crossing the bounds of guilds, schools and good taste. Our aim is to promote culture, provide uncomplicated content and rock the institutions without election promises or bullshit.

In the 2023 Representative Council elections, the Yhden tähden liike electoral alliance is part of the Jämerä Ratas electoral coalition.

Electoral representative: Veeti Kahilainen
Telegram @Kylapaallikko

Yhden tähden liike
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