OUBS Streaming workshop

Want to bring your gaming stream to next level? Want know what it is like to be in large tv production? Try live streaming in OUBS streaming workshop! No prior knowledge is needed.
Jämeräntaival 1
OUBS Studio (basement/kellari)
OUBS Stream workshop

Humans vs Zombies Autumn 2019

Humans vs. Zombies is a moderated game of tag where zombie players try to spread the infection by tagging human players. Humans can in turn protect themselves by hiding, fleeing or fighting back (using socks or foam gun darts to "stun" zombies). Exciting missions and quests will be available every day.
Human Vs Zombies Poster

Polisprint 2019

Challenge yourself with fast fun paced orienteering. Suitable for beginners and masters.
Kemistintie 1, 02150 Espoo
Sample image of the "competition" map

Debate School Session 2

Eager to learn persuasive speaking skills and be ready to stand up to speak in front of any audience? Want to learn what competitive debating is all about? Welcome to Debate School hosted by Helsinki and Aalto Debating Societies!

This second session will focus on coming up with the best possible case and structure to support your arguments. We will explore the world of reasoning and persuasion and learn how to find the best case in every situation. We will also look at different ways of structuring your speech and introduce the British Parliamentary debating format used worldwide in competitive debating.
Mechelininkatu 3D Helsinki
Debate School 2

ESN Traffic Light Party

Young and Or not? How do we know??

Fear not, cause “Traffic Light Party” is coming! On Thursday 19th of September, ESN Aalto, ESN Helga, ESN Laurea, ESN Metropolia and ESN Uni Helsinki invite you to Baarikärpänen to clear things out and get this semester started!

Who’s wild and free, who’s off-limits and who’s kind of somewhere in the middle? Let’s find out!

WHAT: Traffic Light Party
WHEN: 19.9 at 22:00
WHERE: Baarikärpänen
WHY: To party of course!
HOW MUCH: Presale 2€ with ESN card and 4€ without, at the door 5€
PRE-PARTY: JMT 1 main lobby, starting at 19:30

** Cloakroom fee is not included in the price **
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21
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Metal Club Mökä's Freshman sauna

Interested in metal music? Come to Mökä’s Freshman sauna to get to know our club and meet other metalheads!
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Otaniemi Night of Arts

Save the date: Otaniemi Night of Arts 21.9.2019.
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Dinner in the Dark - Pimeät Pöydät

ESN Aalto invites you to this fantastic blindfold dinner full of wonder. Experience this unique opportunity to get to know new friends while not yet having an idea of their physical appearance. Share with them a delicious three-course meal made of secret ingredients which you get to guess!

During the dinner, you will get to put the rest of your senses to the test while being deprived of your sight! We've prepared exciting games for you to try out your senses of smell, taste, touch and hearing.

Our goal is to entertain you, but also to raise awareness about various disabilities and impairments with a positive outlook focusing on opportunities!
We kindly ask the participants to bring a scarf or something to cover their eyes. We'll try our best to accommodate your dietary requests for allergies and other reasons, so that's not something to worry about!
Servin mökki
Dinner in the Dark fb banner

Debate School Session 3

Eager to learn persuasive speaking skills and be ready to stand up to speak in front of any audience? Want to learn what competitive debating is all about? Welcome to Debate School hosted by Helsinki and Aalto Debating Societies!

This third session will focus on strategy in competitive debating. We'll teach you not just to make beautiful arguments but how to make these arguments win in comparison to the other teams. We'll also look at taking down other teams' arguments through effective rebuttal. At the end of the session, we'll be putting all the skills you've acquired in Debate School to practice in our first British Parliamentary debate!
Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 21 Helsinki
KY Building, 3rd floor, Iso Puoli
Debate School 3

Otatarhan ajot

Traditional racing event at Alvari Square
Alvarin aukio


The traditional Lakinlaskijaiset party is held on 30.9.
Otakaari 24

Helsinki Freshers' ProAm Tournament

New to debating?

This is your chance to experience the excitement of a debate tournament under the guidance of experienced debaters! In addition to familiarizing yourself with the world of debate, this tournament is the place to be if you want to hone your public speaking skills in English, practice lines of argumentation, and meet other like-minded people.

This is the perfect opportunity for new debaters to get a feel for debate since all teams will be ProAm, meaning each amateur debater will be paired with a pro debater.

More info:
Mechelininkatu 3D Helsinki
ProAm Tournament

Events organised by AYY

AYY organises many different annual events.

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