Representative Council Election

The nomination of candidates is open until 2 Oct, 4 pm

You can now nominate yourself as a candidate by this electronic form (Aalto login required). The paper form and other materials can be found here.

Don't know which electoral alliance to choose? Read about the alliances on this page.

The Council consists of 45 representatives who must be members of AYY. The Representative Council has a central role in the Student Union’s decision-making process. The Council decides on AYY's major directions, strategic goals, guidelines and opinions. These include the Student Union’s strategy, values, rules, policy papers and the up to 17-million-euro budget. Daily activities and detailed preparations do not belong to the Council. 

Schedule for the autumn 2023 representative election:

28.8.–2.10. at 4 pm: Nominations are open 
3.10.–8.11. Election advertising is allowed 
6.10. Candidate lists are confirmed 
1–8.11. Voting is open

A more detailed schedule can be found here.

More election information:

Don't settle for grumbling, apply to RepCo

Electoral Alliances 2023

Electoral Alliances in the 2023 Representative Council election

Representative Council Election
Edustajisto kokoustaa

Representative Council

The Representative Council represents all members of the Student Union and exercises the highest authority at AYY.

AYY as an Organisation

For election representatives

Nomination of candidates is open until October 2, 4 p.m. It is advisable to start recruiting candidates well in advance, so that there is time to sign the electoral alliance agreement. The agreement template can be found on the Materials page.

AYY will order electoral posters for electoral alliances together on Monday 9 October. For this, the poster files from the electoral alliances should be sent to [email protected] by Sunday 8 October at the latest. So, you should reserve some time to collect photos from the candidates (or organize a photoshoot) and create the poster. More detailed instructions for making the poster can be found below.

AYY will also produce a photo collage of all the candidates. For this, individual photos of the candidates should also be sent to the address [email protected].


Instructions for Candidates and Alliances

Election timeline, instructions and general information for candidates and electoral alliances

Representative Council Election


Documents, including forms, agreements, information and other materials.

Representative Council Election


Kuvassa Ida Parkkinen ja Erik Halttunen, kädessä kukkakimput
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

Chair of the Representative Council in 2023 and the former of the Board were elected

Erik Halttunen is the Chair of the Representative Council in 2023 and Ida Parkkinen is the Former of the Board for Aalto University Student Union.
Kuvassa AYY:n hallitus vuodelle 2022
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

AYY Board elected for 2022

Aalto University Student Union’s Representative Council approved the proposal for the composition of the Board for 2022 submitted by the Former of the Board Otto Usvajärvi at its meeting on 1 Dec 2021. The meeting also elected the Vice Chairs of the new Representative Council.
Kuvassa Otto Usvajärvi ja Samuli Vehkomäki
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

Chair of the Representative Council and the former of the Board were elected

Samuli Vehkomäki is the Chair of the Representative Council in 2022 and Otto Usvajärvi is the Former of the Board.
Edustajistovaalit 28.10.-3.11.2021
Ajankohtaista, Press release Published:

The 2021 Representative Council election result is clear

Aalto University Student Union’s Representative Council elections are over and the members of the Representative Council for 2022–2023 have been elected. Voting percent was 27,72 %.
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