Representative Council Election

Instructions for Candidates and Alliances

Election timeline, instructions and general information for candidates and electoral alliances.

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Timeline 2023

  • 28 Aug: Candidate nomination period begins
  • 2 Oct: Membership payment deadline. Persons who have not paid the membership fee by the deadline are not entitled to vote.
  • 2 Oct: Candidate nomination period ends (by 4pm)
  • 3 Oct–8 Nov: Election advertising is allowed
  • 5 Oct: Completing inadequate information in nomination forms and withdrawing candidacy (by 4pm)
  • 11 Oct (at the latest): List of candidates is displayed
  • 9–22 Oct Candidate matcher is open for candidates
  • 20 Oct: Remarks on the list of candidates must be submitted (by 4pm)
  • 25 Oct–9 Nov Candidate matcher is open for voters
  • 1–8 Nov: Voting period
  • 2 Nov: Election panel
  • 8 Nov: Elections and Election Night Event
  • 9 Nov: Confirmation of election results
  • 17 Nov: Election ads must be removed


Documents, including forms, agreements, information and other materials.

Kuva, jossa ihmiset kävelee poispäin

Election advertising and sanctions

Regulation on election advertising as well as electoral sanctions and their guidelines can be found on the Materials page.

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