The 2023 Representative Council election result is clear – Pro Arte making a comeback, most seats for Aallon Kokoomus and Greener Aalto

Aalto University Student Union’s Representative Council elections are over and the members of the Representative Council for 2024–2025 have been elected. Voting percent was 31,95 %.
RepCo elections

In the Representative Council elections, 45 RepCo members were elected for 2024–2025. We had 236 candidates and 13 electoral alliances running for the Representative Council. Voting percent was 31,95 %, which is 4,23 percent higher than in 2021. In total 5478 students out of 17146 used their right to vote. 

"It was a pleasure to see that the turnout returned close to the pre-pandemic level, although there is still room for improvement for the next election. Thank you for the voting activity goes to all the candidates, electoral alliances and of course to the members of the student union who used their votes. Big congratulations to all new and continuing Representative Council members", thanks Chair of AYY’s Central Election Committee Akseli Konttas

Most votes got Mantè Žygelytė from Pro Arte. Žygelytė got a total of 110 votes. Others with over one hundred votes were Totti Korpua from Pro Arte with 108 votes and Niina Ikonen from SCIsma with 107 votes. 

Among the electoral alliances, Aallon Kokooomus and Greener Aalto got the most seats in the Representative Council, each of which got seven seats. The electoral alliance Pro Arte 5 made the return to the Representative Council. As a new electoral alliance, the Free Left electoral alliance got into the Representative Council with 3 seats. As a result of the elections, the electoral alliance Voltti lost its place in the Representative Council. Of the electoral alliances that were nominated, the votes of the Yhden tähden liike movement and Valta kuuluu fukseille were also not enough for seats in the Representative Council. 

"The number of seats in the ideologically compiled lists increased slightly compared to the lists compiled by field of study, and it will be interesting to see how this will affect the dynamics of the Representative Council in the next two years," commented Akseli Konttas, Chair of AYY’s Central Election Committee. 

The votes received by the electoral alliances were distributed as follows: 

Aallon Kokoomus 887, 7 seats (+3) 

Greener Aalto 783, 7 seats (-3) 

Kylterirengas 732, 6 seats (-5) 

Pro Arte 514, 5 seats (+5) 

SCIsma 491, 5 seats (-+0) 

Lenient Left 402, 3 seats (+3) 

LUOVA 400, 4 seats (+1) 

Våga 364, 3 seats (+-0) 

CHEM 352, 3 seats (-1) 

Luja 197, 2 seats (+-0) 

Yhden tähden liike 94, 0 seats (+-0) 

Voltti 94, 0 seats (-3) 

Valta kuuluu fukseille 55, 0 seats (+-0) 

The actual elected members of the Representative Council for the term 2024–2025 are: 

1. 208 Niina Ikonen, SCIsma 

2. 53 Mantè Žygelytė, Pro Arte 

3. 147 Mikael Vuorinen, Aallon Kokoomus 

4. 199 Ansa Pyykönen, LUOVA 

5. 11 Ramzi el Geneidy, Greener Aalto 

6. 71 Mikael Blinnikka Keski-Frantti, Kylterirengas 

7. 160 Anna Savola, CHEM 

8. 61 Sanower Rehman, Lenient Left 

9. 145 Joel Vanhanen, Aallon Kokoomus 

10. 202 Henri Brax, SCIsma 

11. 33 Veera Saarenheimo, Greener Aalto 

12. 77 Emma Karppinen, Kylterirengas 

13. 227 Wilma Branders, Våga 

14. 185 Eeti Ahola, LUOVA 

15. 47 Totti Korpua, Pro Arte 

16. 117 Juho Kotiranta, Aallon Kokoomus 

17. 173 Aku Mustalahti, Luja 

18. 20 Iina Manninen, Greener Aalto 

19. 69 Eero Aho, Kylterirengas 

20. 156 Eveliina Palo, CHEM 

21. 56 Sini Hintsala, Lenient Left 

22. 128 Marianna Malkamäki, Aallon Kokoomus 

23. 209 Jenna Liinamaa, SCIsma 

24. 18 Anri Liikamaa, Greener Aalto 

25. 44 Lu Chen, Pro Arte 

26. 102 Jukka Österman, Kylterirengas 

27. 229 Petter Cornér, Våga 

28. 195 Joona Lipponen, LUOVA 

29. 143 Juho Tiihonen, Aallon Kokoomus 

30. 211 Elias Pitkänen, SCIsma 

31. 17 Alli Kolho, Vihreämpi Aalto 

32. 57 Shariful Islam, Lenient Left 

33. 150 Savinya Hewapathirana, CHEM 

34. 130 Ohto Mäkinen, Aallon Kokoomus 

35. 99 Vilhelmiina Vierjoki, Kylterirengas 

36. 196 Kasper Luoma, LUOVA 

37. 45 Lucas Jordi Lassenius, Pro Arte 

38. 21 Fanni Mattsson, Greener Aalto 

39. 121 Akseli Köngäs, Aallon Kokoomus 

40. 165 Valtteri Erkkilä, Luja 

41. 80 Otso Lammi, Kylterirengas 

42. 228 Stella Bruncrona, Våga 

43. 216 Julia Virtanen, SCIsma 

44. 41 Ragnar Aminoff, Pro Arte 

45. 38 Aino Valkama, Greener Aalto 

AYY's Central Election Committee will confirm the results at the audit accounting meeting on 9 Nov.

Further information:

Akseli Konttas, AYY:n keskusvaalilautakunnan puheenjohtaja 

[email protected] 


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