Changes in housing

Subleasing, secondary leasing and temporary assignment

On this page, you can find instructions for subleasing, secondary leasing or temporary assignment. Always inform AYY about secondary leasing or temporary assigning your apartment.

Subleasing, Secondary leasing or Temporary assignment?

Way of leasing Living in the apartment Reason Permissions
Subleasing You also live in the apartment yourself or one of the parties to your joint tenancy agreement lives in the apartment. You have an extra room that you want to rent out or you temporarily move out of an apartment for which you have a joint tenancy agreement. Notify AYY so that your subtenant can, for example, book shifts in the laundry room
Secondary leasing You don't live in the apartment yourself You move elsewhere for the summer (1 Apr-30 Sept) AYY's permission is required
Temporary assignment You don't live in the apartment yourself You are staying elsewhere due to an exchange, military service, illness or JOO studies AYY's permission and a certificate for the reason for staying elsewhere are required


Subleasing means that the primary tenant lives in the apartment and rents part of the apartment to a subtenant.

A certain part of the apartment must be clearly assigned to the subtenant. This means that it is not possible to sublease a studio or a shared apartment. However, you can live in a studio with your spouse, for example, without a sublease.

If you sublease your apartment, please notify AYY via Domo. In this way, resident information is also updated to the maintenance company and the sub-tenant can book the laundry room, for example. In Domo, you can find the notice from your lease by clicking on the top corner of the lease under the heading “Sign a lease.” In Domo, you can find more detailed instructions on how to fill out the notice.

Subleasing a family or friend's apartment

If you have a joint tenancy agreement for your apartment, and you want to sublease part of your apartment, both of you must sign the agreement with the subtenant, even if only one of you stays in the apartment during the subleasing. You can choose which of you reports the subtenant to the Domo system.

You can find a sublease template below.

Secondary leasing

A secondary lease refers to a lease where the primary tenant temporarily rents the apartment to one or several secondary tenants, and the primary tenant does not live in the apartment during that period. During the summer period (1 Apr-30 Sept), AYY housing can be secondary leased for up to four months for anyone and for any reason. Secondary leases must be made for a fixed term.

If you want to secondary lease your apartment, you must request a permission to do so in Domo by submitting a secondary lease notice. The notice must be submitted at least one month before the beginning of the secondary lease. You must attach to the notice the secondary lease including the signature of the primary tenant (you) and the secondary tenant. In Domo, you can find the notice from your lease by clicking on the top corner of the lease under the heading “Sign a lease”. More detailed instructions for filling out the form can be found on the page. 

The apartment must be secondary leased under the same conditions and the same rent that are included in your own lease. However, you can ask the secondary tenant for a deposit and reasonable compensation for the use of your furniture, for example. Please add these issues in the secondary lease. For justified reasons, AYY may refuse a permission to secondary lease, even if the conditions above are met. If the apartment is secondary leased without AYY’s permission, AYY is entitled to terminate the lease of the main tenant.

You can find a secondary lease template below.

Temporary assignment

You can assign an apartment to another person’s use if you reside in another location for reasons of employment, study, illness or other such reason.

You can submit a notice of temporary assignment in Domo. You can find the notice from your lease by clicking on the top corner of the lease under the heading “Sign a lease”. More detailed instructions for filling out the form can be found on the page. The notice must be submitted at least one month before the assignment.

If you sublease your apartment to another AYY member while in military service or studying or undertaking internship elsewhere, your right of residence will be compensated for the period of your absence. A temporary resident must have the right of residence for the whole period if the assignment lasts for more than one year.

Read more about compensation for the right of residence.

You can find a template for temporary assignment below.

Rent invoices during temporary assignment, subleasing or secondary leasing 

Rent invoices are always sent to the primary tenant. AYY recommends that a temporary tenant pays the rent to the primary tenant who makes the payment to AYY. In this way, the primary tenant can ensure that a temporary tenant pays the rent on time.

Finding a temporary tenant, subtenant or secondary tenant

Finding a temporary tenant is the responsibility of the primary tenant. You can search for a suitable tenant by submitting an ad to Aalto Marketplace or Facebook group Teekkari Village’s Market, for example. Housing should be offered primarily to Aalto students.

If you are subleasing, secondary leasing or temporarily assigning your apartment due to exchange studies, there is a one-month leeway before and after studies outside the Helsinki metropolitan area. Therefore, you can leave one month before the start of your studies or internship abroad or move outside the Helsinki metropolitan area if required for a smooth start of studies or internship, and this will not affect your right of residence. In addition, you can also reserve one month for moving back or travelling, for example, at the end of your studies or internship.


Compensating the right of residence

AYY’s right of residence may be compensated for the period during which the resident was unable to utilise housing services.

Changes in housing
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Changes in housing

The ABCs of housing

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