For Residents Moving Out

Are you moving out of AYY's apartment? On this page, you will find the instructions on how to return the keys and clean the apartment when you move out.

Checklist for moving out

  1. Terminate your tenancy agreement on time. Tenancy agreements have a one-calendar-month termination period. The tenancy agreement can be terminated in Domo.
  2. If you had a storage unit in the cellar or the attic, please remember to empty it when you leave. If there is AYY's own lock in the storage unit, lock the storage and return the key to the service office.

  3. Remember to submit a notification of change of address. A notification of change of address can be done at Please remember that submitting a notification of change of address is a statutory obligation.

  4. Despite being busy with your move, please clean your apartment to a condition that is pleasant for the next resident to move into. If there is a fridge in your room, please defrost it before you move. Go through the cleaning instructions at the bottom of this page. If the cleaning has been neglected, the cleaning costs will be deducted from your deposit.

  5. No personal furnishings or machines (like dishwashers) may be left in the apartment, unless this has been agreed upon with the new resident. Neither can furnishings be left in shared apartments nor hallways. The resident will be charged for the removal of furnishings. If you have agreed to leave any furniture for a new tenant, please notify the Housing Services separately.

  6. Please remember to lock the door to your apartment / room!

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AYY's office white door for returning the keys
Keys can be dropped through the letter box on the white wooden door located on the Otakaari street. Please put the keys in an envelope, close it and write your name and the apartment in question on the envelope.

Returning the keys

Returning the keys at the AYY Office

Note! Residents of Maapadontie exceptionally return their keys directly to the maintenance company.

The keys to the apartment must be returned on the official moving-out day at the latest (the first weekday following the end of the tenancy agreement). This also applies to transfers within AYY apartments. The next resident has the right to access the apartment at 12noon, so if you have multiple keys to the apartment, please return at least one key to the Services Office before noon. All the other keys must be handed in by the end of the day.

At 12noon, the apartment must be in such a condition that the new resident can begin to move in. In other words, the apartment must have been cleaned by then, and there must be enough room for two-way moving traffic.

The permits, keys and remote controls related to a parking space must be handed in by the end of the official moving day (at 23.59).

If the AYY Office is closed, the keys can be dropped through the letter box on the white wooden door located on the Otakaari street. Please put the keys in an envelope, close it and write your name and the apartment in question on the envelope.

If the keys are not returned on time and correctly, i.e. clearly marked and returned no later than the day of the move, it is recorded that they keys are lost. As the landlord, AYY may use the deposit to cover the costs for replacing the lost or otherwise unreturned keys and the costs for the serialisation of the lock.

Exchange of keys with the new resident

The resident moving out may agree to exchange the keys directly with the new resident using this key exchange agreement.

If the key exchange agreement is signed and handed in at the Housing Office, the deposit is returned to the former resident and the apartment is under the new resident’s responsibility and control from the moment of signing the agreement. It is the responsibility of the resident moving out to hand in the agreement in question to AYY during the moving day at the latest. The agreement can also be sent in by this form.


When one resident moves out of a friend or family apartment

The same instructions for returning the keys also apply to cases in which only one resident is leaving a family or friend apartment. The resident moving out must exchange keys with the new resident or the resident remaining in the apartment. In these cases, the key exchange agreement proves that at the start of the new tenancy agreement, the tenants of the apartment have the same number of keys as in the previous agreement with the departing resident.


Cleaning instructions


  1. Wash all surfaces of cupboards, tabletops and drawers.

  2. Wash all surfaces of the stove, cooker hood, baking trays and grease filter. Also wash the back and outside of the stove and clean the floor around it.

  3. Defrost and clean the fridge freezer and leave the doors open. Take care not to drain the defrosting water onto the floor!


  1. Wash and disinfect the toilet seat, sink and taps.
  2. Wash and clean the shower walls, laundry cabinet, mirror cabinet and floor drain.

  3. Wash all surfaces (walls, floor).

Other areas

  1. Wash all surfaces so that there is no dust or stains left.
  2. Vacuum and wash the floors.

  3. Wash all surfaces of the cupboards.

  4. Do not leave any belongings or rubbish in the apartment.
  5. Tidy up the balcony and storage space.

  6. Clean the windows (in winter, only the inside surfaces).


The persons moving out of shared apartments must also remove all of their belongings from the common areas of the apartment. When cleaning and defrosting the fridge, please make sure that you do not spoil the food of other residents.

If you have had a dishwasher in your apartment, please make sure that the connection is plugged in order to avoid water damage.

Instructions for moving residents
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