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AYY has around 200 volunteers. The beating heart of volunteering is the sections and committees.
Kampusjaosto, teekkarijaosto ja aava

There are six sections in AYY: Teekkari Section, Community Section Aava, Campus Section, Museum Section, Advocacy Management Group, more commonly known as Edujory, and UO section that was formed in January 2021.

About the sections

Sections are the lively beating heart of the Aalto community activities. The ideas of the sections enrich the student culture and bring colour to the campus.  The workload of a member of a section is a few hours a week. In connection with events and projects, more workhours may be required. A member of the section may also have a committee to lead, which also takes time. To serve as the chair of a section, you will need enthusiasm and motivation, a work-oriented approach and a willingness to lead a group of volunteers for a year. The chairs select from five to ten members to their sections, who are responsible for an event or project to be executed during the year. EduJory is led by the AYY board member in charge of academic affairs.

Sections are close teams, groups of friends, that share the joys and sorrows throughout the year and spend a lot of leisure time together. The sections meet approximately once a week.

Committees complete AYY’s field of operations. The committees are usually recruited around a specific event, project or interest (recruited committees) or some are assembled from association’s active members (assembling committees).  

Some committees have their chair directly from a section. These are the ones that operate under the Teekkari Section: 

  • Fuksi Committee (FTMK), members from the technical student associations 
  • ISO Committee (ITMK), members from the technical student associations 
  • Internationality Committee (KvTMK), members from the technical student associations 
  • Hosts and Hostesses (IE), members from the technical student associations 
  • Party Committee (JTMK), open call for members 
  • Song leader Committee, members from the technical student associations 
  • Teekkari Tradition Committee (TPTMK), open call for members 
  • Teekkari Culture Committee (TKTMK), members from the technical student associations

If you are interested in acting as the chair of these committees, please apply for the Teekkari Section.  Read more about comittees under the Teekkari Section here.

The following committees operate under Aava and are chaired by Aava members: 

  • Anniversary Committee (VujuTMK), open call for members
  • Festival Committee (FestTMK), open call for members 
  • Adventure Committee (STMK), open call for members 
  • Master's Committee (MTMK), open call for members
  • Sports Committee (LTMK), open call for members

If you are interested in acting as the chair of these committees, please apply for Aava.

Committees that operate under the Museum Section:

  • Museum Committee, open call for members
  • Marmon Committee, open call for members

For some committees, the chair and/or members are recruited separately. These include: 

  • Corporate Relations Committee, the chair is recruited, members from special status associations 
  • Study Council, the chair is recruited, school-specific members are recruited
  • Treasurer Committee, members from associations

Send your application

Links to application forms:

Requirements for all volunteer applicants:

  • Willingness and enthusiasm to promote the student culture in question and its events
  • Active and flexible attitude
  • Enthusiasm for teamwork and willingness to develop
  • Having the time required for the position
  • Commitment to AYY’s voluntary principles


  • Previous experience in the area of responsibility in the applied position
  • Realistic understanding of the position and possible development ideas

In addition, we take into account the diversity of applicants and emphasise a diverse range of volunteers.

Read more about sections and committees


Aava Community Section

Aava Community Section promotes, maintains and renews the Aalto culture. Aava’s goal is to bring together all Aalto University students and make it possible for all Aalto members to have fun and great experiences.

Kampusjaosto Smökin katolla julistamassa Wappua

Campus Section

The Campus section develops, maintains and activates the Otaniemi campus. It aims to create an even more enjoyable place to live and study, creating the requisites for student culture, community spirit, and wellbeing.


Museum Section and Committee

The Museum Section’s task is to maintain, present and develop the Aalto University Student Unions Museum of Student Life, founded in 1958, and its operations.


Student representatives

Student representatives in administration, aka hallopeds, are Aalto students who participate in the decision-making and development of the university.


Teekkari Section

The Teekkari Section upholds teekkari traditions and maintains and develops teekkari culture.

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