Campus Section

The Campus section develops, maintains and activates the Otaniemi campus. It aims to create an even more enjoyable place to live and study, creating the requisites for student culture, community spirit, and wellbeing.
Kampusjaosto Smökin katolla julistamassa Wappua

The Campus Section’s activities are roughly divided into three areas: events, projects, and living and resident activity. In addition, the campus also safeguards interests on the campus by correcting any campus problems, actively influencing the activities of AYY’s housing and facility sector, and by collaborating with OtaHoas. Each Campus Section is unique, as there are new projects beginning at the start of each year, and all section members have individual interests.

The Campus Section’s events reach their peak around May Day, as the Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness, Flower Day and Village Cleaning Party all keep the people responsible for events very busy. Also on the annual events calendar are campus saunas, flea market days and the Village Christmas Party at the end of the year.

Projects carried out by the Campus Section include construction and renovation projects in facilities available for one-time rent from AYY. The section also takes primary responsibility for the Junk Bike Collection that take place every other year. Ideas for projects and development are actively gathered, and you can suggest an idea to the section members directly or send them to the Campus Section’s mailing list at kampusjaosto[at]list.ayy.fi.

The Campus Section also works with housing and castle wardens, and the section members responsible for this area work hard to promote communal living and to improve general residential comfort. This includes brainstorming and developing practical working methods within AYY and various projects and competitions to activate residents, such as the Kiva Kämppisteko (do something nice for your roommate) and Viilein seinämaalaus (coolest wall painting) competitions.

The Section also has a person responsible for communications, whose task is to support other section members’ activities via communication, share information about current events and the section’s activities in various communication channels, and to ensure that events and projects are recorded for the future. It’s worth following the Campus Section on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to join the Teekkari Village Facebook group!

If you or your association have an idea and the enthusiasm to carry out a project or open event on campus, the Campus Section can provide support. Such projects have included the construction of the Ossinlampi skating ramp and the Village LAN party. Send suggestions to the section’s mailing list at kampusjaosto[at]list.ayy.fi. The project should benefit the entire campus, and must be open and free of charge to everyone.

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