Student representatives


Student representatives

Student representatives in administration, aka hallopeds, are Aalto students who participate in the decision-making and development of the university. Students are the best experts on daily issues related to studying and teaching. There are approximately 250 student representative positions open annually.

There are student representatives in degree programmes, departments, schools and the university’s central administration. Administrative bodies include academic affairs committees, educational councils and various other committees. A list of student representatives and their contact details is available at

The student union appoints student representatives for one calendar year, and all members of the student union are eligible to apply. The main application takes place in November, but positions may become available throughout the year. 

The student union, the persons in charge of student representatives and persons in charge of study affairs in the associations support the advocacy work. Each school has appointed a person in charge of student representatives who coordinates their operations at the schools. At the university level, student representative activities are coordinated by the student union’s policy specialist when necessary.

Essentially, the student union’s policy specialist responsible for academic affairs is in charge of all student representative affairs and can be contacted with any related questions.

Apply to become a student representative in administration!

What you get as a student representative:

  • In your meeting group, you get to know and work with Aalto staff.
  • You get to influence the matters addressed by your meeting group, i.e. decisions directly related to current studies.
  • If you want, you can take part in the online student representative training that can help you develop as a speaker and influencer.
  • You get a student representative badge and you can attend the annual study affairs sitsit and other common events for all student representatives.

As a student representative, you will:

  • Participate in the meetings of your meeting group. Many groups also allow deputy members to participate. There are meetings about once a month or less often, depending on the group.
  • Be part of your school’s student representative group, led by the school’s person in charge of student representatives.
  • Be involved with the internal communications of student representatives, and you will inform your deputy member if you are unable to attend a meeting.
  • Write down your meeting group’s most significant discussions of the year. This will act as an induction for the following year’s student representatives in the same group.

A Guide for the Student Representatives in Administration

As a student representative in administration you’re involved in shaping the future of your university and representing yourself and your fellow students in the decision-making of Aalto.

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Edujory is AYY's advocacy section consisting of persons in charge of student representatives at different schools and the Chair of the Study Council.

Each school has its own person in charge of student representatives, who brings together their school’s student representatives in administration regularly, as well as coordinates the flow of information and the advocacy goals of the school. Edujory is AYY's section responsible for coordinating the student representative activities as well as ensuring their continuity and the development of activities. The section consists of persons in charge of student representatives at different schools and the Chair of the Study Council. Edujory is chaired by a member of the AYY Board and the policy specialist responsible for academic affairs acts as its secretary.

The tasks of Edujory include:

  • Coordinating the mutual operations, flow of information and advocacy goals of student representatives.
  • Organising the study affairs sitsit in the spring for Aalto staff and all student representatives.
  • Acting as a link between AYY’s advocacy team, the student representatives and the persons in charge of studies.
  • Bringing a student perspective to current topics and the statements received by AYY’s advocacy team.
  • Towards the end of the year, participates in the selection of new student representatives.

Study Council

The Study Council (OPN) is AYY's committee consisting of persons in charge of studies in student associations. OPN convenes to discuss current issues around once a month.

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