Teekkari Section

The Teekkari Section upholds teekkari traditions and maintains and develops teekkari culture.

The section organises lively events that are full of teekkari spirit. The events are quite often open to everyone. It also supports associations that organise teekkari culture. The Teekkari Section consists of directors (tirehtööri), each of which is responsible for a specific area, such as teekkari song culture, freshman activities, and parties. The Teekkari Section does its best to continue the almost 150-year-old teekkari spirit and traditions, and to maintain the technology students’ identity.

You can reach Teekkari Section by mail: teekkarijaosto(at)ayy.fi


Committees under Teekkari Section

Numerous committees composed of representatives from different guilds and associations operate under the Teekkari Section to maintain and modernise teekkari culture. Members of non-teekkari associations are also part of some committees to aid cooperation.

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Permission to wear the teekkari cap

The Teekkari cap is a summer cap, but during the winter (1.10.- 30.4) the Teekkari Section may grant permission to wear the teekkari cap at dignified events at which the wearers represent teekkari culture.

You can apply for permission to wear the cap using the online form below. The Teekkari Section approves applications in its weekly meetings. Here is a link to the application form.


Students who actively participate in Teekkari Section or sub-committee activities throughout the year are awarded with Section or sub-committee strings. The strings are always awarded by the Chair of the Teekkari Section.

Strings are worn with student overalls. The strings are tied so that they run diagonally over the chest from the right shoulder. With permission, strings can also be worn with other accessories.

Strings in current use:

Freshman Committee Dark blue
ISO Committee Light blue
Hosts & Hostesses Dark green
Party Committee Violet
Precentor Committee Bright red
International Committee Dark brown
Teekkari Tradition Committee Dark burgundy
Teekkari Culture Committee Silver
Party workers Pink
Teekkari project strings Lime green

Olive strings are a symbol of the Teekkari Section. Current and former members of the Teekkari Section are entitled to wear the strings. Current Chairs of the committees wear strings in the colour of their committee with a tassel. The Technical Students’ Museum’s golden strings can be granted those nominated by the museum curator or manager. White honorary strings may be granted to a Teekkari Section member for special merit on May Days when it is AYY’s turn to cap the Havis Amanda statue.

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