What is AYY?

Collaborative Partners

The partners help AYY to provide its members with the best possible services and to advance their interests in society.
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Member Organisations 

Member organisations are organisations to which AYY has joined as a member or is involved as a founder, through regulations or indirectly.  

By joining member organisations, the Student Union usually seeks support for its activities, either in terms of services or advocacy. Joining member organisations is decided by the Student Union Board, which takes into account the Student Union’s policy paper in its decisions. 

National Union of University Students in Finland SYL

SYL is a student organisation that represents approximately 132,000 students in Finland. All student unions of Finnish universities are members of SYL. The main goals of SYL are to improve the social status and study opportunities of students, and its activities focus on nationwide legislative advocacy.  

AYY has joined the National Union of University Students in Finland so that it can better influence the improvement of the position of students nationwide. SYL also provides support for the development of AYY's own advocacy operations. 

Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations SOA

The Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations SOA  is an advocacy and cooperation organisation for student housing associations. The association monitors the development of the operating environment of student housing organisations and takes a stand on the preparation of legislation, for example. The goal is to enable SOA member communities to provide students with affordable student housing and related housing services that meet the expectations of residents. 

The members of the SOA include 19 non-profit student housing organisations which are owned by either foundations or municipalities. The national student organisations SYL and SAMOK are also involved in SOA. SOA organises cooperation and training events for its member communities, where their representatives receive up-to-date information and can exchange their experiences of student housing in different parts of Finland. 

AYY has joined SOA to support the development of its own real estate and housing operations. Training and community events organised by SOA, in particular, have been useful for the Student Union. 

World Student Capital (WSC) Inc.

The World Student Capital network researches, communicates and influences to create the world’s best student metropolis. The network consists of the student unions of higher education institutions in the Helsinki metropolitan area. WSC represents nearly 100,000 students. The network cooperates with the cities in the Helsinki metropolitan area, higher education institutions, the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL), the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS) and experts in promoting a better everyday life for students and citizens. 

AYY participates in WSC’s operations in order to receive support for its advocacy activities in the Helsinki metropolitan area. 

Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL

The Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL is a national student and university sports advocacy and service organisation. OLL represents all higher education students in Finland. OLL advocates, serves, trains, researches and acts on behalf of student sports in both national and international fields. OLL aims for students to exercise sufficiently in terms of their health and have an adequate level of sports services available at higher education institutions. 

AYY is involved in OLL to support advocacy work for students' sports opportunities.


Frank Students is a service that provides student cards, student identification and student benefits all in one card. 

AYY has chosen Frank as a provider of student cards. Frank is partly owned by the National Union of University Students in Finland.

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS

The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS provides general, mental and oral health services to students in universities and other higher education institutions. 

A significant part of AYY’s membership fee is transferred directly to the FSHS. AYY has its own representative in the FSHS Council. 

Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region HOAS

HOAS is a non-profit foundation that facilitates the housing situation for students in the metropolitan area. The student unions of the University of Helsinki and Aalto University as well as ten other student unions are involved in the operations of HOAS. HOAS rents, constructs and maintains housing in the metropolitan area and the surrounding municipalities. HOAS has around 18,500 residents, about a third of whom are international students.  

AYY is one of the original founders of HOAS. AYY has its own representatives on the HOAS Board and in its delegation. Through HOAS, AYY aims to ensure that there are enough apartments for those Aalto members who are unable to live in one of AYY’s own 2,600 student apartments. 

Support Organisations 

Support organisations are organisations whose activities AYY supports but does not actively participate in the activities. 

The Student Union does not necessarily share all the views of support organisations, but considers that their work as a whole is heading in the right direction. AYY Board decides on the joining of a support organisation. The Board takes into account the Student Union’s policy paper in its decisions. 

Electronic Frontier Finland EFFI

The Electronic Frontier Finland was founded to promote citizens’ digital rights. These include, for example, the rights to uncensored communications and reasonable terms of use when purchasing digital content, as well as the freedom to develop and publish open-source software. The association brings matters to debate and attempts to influence legislative projects related to freedom of expression and copyright in Finland and Europe.

Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Finland

BIEN Finland is an association aiming to increase the debate on basic income, promote the implementation of basic income in Finland and monitor the progress of basic income initiatives internationally. The Basic Income Network is independent from political parties. BIEN stands for Basic Income Earth Network. AYY is involved in the network as a member of the association. 


Seta aims for a comprehensive change in society, so that human rights and well-being are realised in Finland and internationally, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Seta contributes to the realisation of equality and human rights. AYY is involved in Seta as a supporting member. 

Corporate Partners 

The goal of corporate cooperation is to find business partners for AYY, which can be used to promote the employment of Aalto students. Corporate cooperation is also one form of the student union fundraising.

The principles and limits of corporate cooperation are defined in the Student Union’s policy paper. 

Corporate Relations

AYY provides Aalto students with the best opportunities in the working life and helps businesses find able young talents by bringing the businesses closer to the Aalto community.

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