The Student Union promotes the best student’s life in the world by influencing matters related to education, student life and student wellbeing at the University and in the wider society.

Students’ everyday life

Important themes of Aalto University Student Union’s social policy work include wellbeing, health, subsistence, housing and exercise.

Examples of AYY’s social policy advocacy are participation in the work of the University’s Student Financial Aid Board, influencing the operations of the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS in the capital region, development of student housing and lobbying for the improvement of sports services.

On a national level, advocacy work is done in cooperation with, for example, the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL).

Developing the teaching

The focal point of education policy advocacy is developing the quality and appreciation of education and keeping the students’ point of view visible at Aalto. The aim is to increase interaction between students and staff and to make sure that the entire academic community is working towards a common goal.

In addition to AYY, advocacy work is done by the Student Representatives in Administration and several organisations within the Student Union, such as the Schools’ own associations and the Teekkari guilds.


The Student Union’s goal is for Aalto to offer its students versatile, effective and rewarding opportunities for internationalisation in the homeland as well as abroad. Aalto is also home to a large number of international students for whom the Student Union advocates. Internationality is not a pocket isolated from the other operations but intersects with all matters relevant to students.

Who is in charge?

The Student union’s advocacy work is guided by the Representative-Council-approved policy paper Policy of the Student Union.

The policy paper defines Aalto University Student Union’s views on various matters regarding the University and society, such as teaching and course arrangements, development of the Otaniemi campus, student subsistence and sustainable development.

Countless Student Union volunteers are also involved with the advocacy work.

Advocacy and guidance

Have you been mistreated in terms of your studies or a target of harassment, or do you need help with coping with your studies?

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