Tiina Pajukari and Ronja Mäkinen started as the new policy specialists

AYY has recruited two new policy specialists for the advocacy team: Tiina Pajukari and Ronja Mäkinen. Tiina Pajukari works as social policy and sustainable development specialist and Ronja Mäkinen as international affairs and equality specialist. Both policy specialists have a long history in the student movement.
Bachelor of Science Pajukari worked on the AYY Board in 2021 and on the SYL Board in 2022 being responsible for social policy. Pajukari is delighted with her new position: “It’s great to return to AYY and step into the shoes of policy specialist for the first time. I’m so excited to participate in the creation of the best student life in the world! This feels like coming home.” Pajukari started in her position at AYY in January 2023 and will deputize for policy specialist on study leave until December 2023.

Mäkinen, who graduated as Master of Social Sciences last year, has also been active in the student movement. In 2019, Ronja was a member of the ISYY Board being responsible for social policy and development cooperation. Previously, Mäkinen has worked as planner at the university. The transition from the University of Eastern Finland to Aalto has been smooth: “I’m super excited about my new job at AYY! I’ve worked extensively on student equality and international affairs in other parts of Finland, so this work suits me perfectly. The Aalto community has been very welcoming and I can’t wait to engage in student advocacy on many levels.” Mäkinen started in her position at AYY in February 2023.

Nea Baarman, Advocacy and Communications Manager and supervisor of Pajukari and Mäkinen, comments on the recruitment of the new specialists: “It’s incredible to have someone like Tiina and Ronja in my team who have so much knowledge of the student movement. They both have extensive experience in the field and know-how to make AYY’s student advocacy even better.”

Welcome, Tiina and Ronja!

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Mäkinen (left) ja Pajukari (right)
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