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AYY's Sustainability Guidelines

AYY's daily operations are guided by our sustainability guidelines.
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AYY monitors its own environmental impact and emissions footprint, and reports on its sustainability performance to the Aalto community and stakeholders starting from 2020. AYY has an internal sustainability team that prepares and reviews AYY's sustainability guidelines and directions.

AYY's daily operations are guided by our sustainability guidelines drafted through a participatory process. They have a particular emphasis on the environmental aspect and environmental sustainability in events, transport and procurement. To ensure inclusion, participation and being up-to-date, the guidelines are updated annually.

The guidelines take into account the overall environmental impact of our daily actions – not just their carbon footprint – as well as procurement origin and quality. As a public organization, the guidelines recognize the potential for a positive handprint, i.e. the ability to have a positive impact on the environment and society.

AYY's sustainability guidelines

Ideas regarding sustainability? Get in touch:

 Tiina Pajukari

Tiina Pajukari

Board Member, Social Policy, Elections, Well-Being, Sustainability
 Samuli Vehkomäki

Samuli Vehkomäki

Board Member, Real Estates, Housing, Campus, Sustainability

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