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Key Figures for Sustainability

A sustainable student union creates a framework for the best student life in the world also in the future.

A sustainable student union creates a framework for the best student life in the world also in the future. AYY’s goal is to be a bold and responsible community in society where biodiversity and global justice are intrinsic values. The effects of AYY’s sustainable development are related to the Student Union’s key functions: student advocacy, the creation of the Aalto community and the development of housing.

Sustainability targets, goals and development are monitored and evaluated annually from 2020 onwards through voluntary sustainability reporting. Check out the annual figures below!

Sustainability in AYY in 2019

On the calculation principles of the figures

Although AYY uses the carbon footprint as a key indicator of environmental impact, it is good to remember that activities are not automatically made ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly by simply minimising the greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon footprint does not necessarily reflect the organisation’s impact on biodiversity or land use, for example. However, as a concrete figure, it helps in outlining the scale of the organisation’s environmental impact.The carbon footprint is a particularlysuccessfulindicatorfor climate impact assessment.

Both direct and indirect emissions have been considered in the carbon footprint assessment where possible. Most of AYY’s emissions are indirect emissions, such as the emissions from purchased energy and procurement. The calculation and assessment of the carbon footprint has been conducted by internal specialists. The carbon footprint of 2019 was verified by using the Hiilifiksu calculator, which is a carbon footprint calculatortailored for organisations by the University of Helsinki and Sitra. The calculation principles are based oncurrent sources, such as the Finnish Environment Institute.

The energy consumption data is based on annual property reports. 

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