Pathway studies with tuition fees not used as an admission pathway to Aalto University

At its extraordinary meeting on 20 June, the Aalto University Academic Affairs Committee rejected the proposal to use pathway studies with tuition fees as an admission pathway to Aalto.
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AYY:n hallituksen jäsen ja Aallon akateemisten asiain komitean opiskelijajäsen Veera Ollikainen.

At its extraordinary meeting on 20 June, the Aalto University Academic Affairs Committee  rejected the proposal to use pathway studies with tuition fees as an admission pathway to Aalto. The proposal was rejected by a vote of 10–6. Aalto University Student Union (AYY) and the Student Union of Tampere University (TREY) issued a critical statement on pathway studies earlier in the spring.

"At the meeting, pathway studies were opposed from several perspectives. Student representatives were particularly concerned about the high costs of the admission route,” describes Veera Ollikainen, a student member of the committee and member of the AYY Board. “We hope that the decision will slow down the development where paid admission pathways are created for the university. We must find more sustainable ways to attract international students.”

This spring, Aalto University and Tampere University have prepared the so-called pathway studies as part of the Finnish Government’s Talent Boost programme. The purpose of Talent Boost is to attract more international talent for Finland.

AYY and TREY have opposed pathway studies as they undermine the principle of free education. The implementation of the planned pathway studies mixes expensive continuing professional education with student admission.

Tampere University has approved the use of pathway studies as a paid admission route. The situation is peculiar. Aalto University participates in the implementation of pathway studies, but the studies can only lead to the right to study in Tampere.

”Aalto participates in a pilot that is not considered successful in the academic community. This preparatory work teaches us how to promote joint projects in order to avoid such conflicts in the future,” says Ollikainen.


Further information:

Teemu Palkki, Policy Specialist: Academic Affairs

+358 50 520 9438, teemu.palkki(at)

Veera Ollikainen, Board Member: Academic Affairs



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