Changes in housing

Departing residents in family or friends' apartments

Is one of the residents in your apartment moving out? On this page, you will find instructions on what to do when one resident in a family or friends' apartment moves out.
Kuva, jossa ihmiset kävelee poispäin

Remaining residents

If you confirm your friend's notice of termination and inform AYY that you wish to stay in the apartment, you will receive a lease for the duration of a renter’s notice period. The notice period is three months if the lease has been in effect for less than a year. If the lease has been in effect for more than a year, the notice period is six months. However, you still have the right to terminate the lease within the notice period of one calendar month if you decide to move out of the apartment earlier.

If you want to stay in the apartment for a longer period than the renter’s notice period, do not accept the notice of termination, but inform AYY of your wish to stay in the apartment by e-mail: [email protected]. We cannot promise that you will be able to stay in the apartment, as AYY’s two-room and larger apartments are mainly intended for several persons. However, it may be possible to live alone in some of the less popular two-room apartments, but this is more of an exception to a rule.

If you let us know that you want to stay in the apartment, you will be responsible for the entire apartment and its rent after the other person has moved out.

You can also stay in the apartment and find a new roommate (friend swap).

Friend swap

If your friend or partner is moving out and you want to stay in a family or friends’ apartment where it is not possible to live alone, you can find another friend to live with you and apply for friend swap. If you are planning friend swap, do not confirm the notice of termination of your personal lease so that your apartment is not offered to other applicants. You will receive a daily reminder from Domo to confirm the notice of termination, but you should ignore the reminder in this situation.

You can apply for a friend swap, if:

  1. You have lived in the apartment with your previous roommate for at least two months.
  2. The new resident is a member of AYY with the right of residence.

Fill in a housing application for your current apartment with your new friend and inform housing services of friend swap by email: [email protected]. Friend swap may be refused for justified reasons (unpaid rents, for example) even if the above conditions are met. 

If your requested roommate is a current AYY resident, the person has a one-month notice period for their current apartment. This may mean that you have to stay in the apartment alone for one month before your friend can move in. However, you can sublease the apartment for this period.

Changing to a smaller apartment

If the other resident is moving out and you would like to move into a smaller apartment, you can apply for apartment transfer if you have lived in your current apartment for more than six months.  In this case, however, you cannot choose an apartment, but AYY offers you a vacant apartment. The offers depend entirely on whether housing is available. Therefore, we recommend that you stay in your current apartment until you are offered a new apartment.

Read more about apartment transfer.

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