Annual enrolment started on 3 May - remember the health care fee and take into account a service break in August

You can enrol for the academic year 2021–2022 starting on 3 May and pay the membership fee of the Student Union at the same time. A healthcare fee is paid separately to Kela, which entitles you to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). Please take into account a service break of student information serves at the beginning of August, during which it is not possible to enrol. Make sure to enrol in time in order to have student benefits available to you already in the first week of August.
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Each academic year, university students must enrol as either attending or non-attending for the autumn and spring term. Only those enrolled as attending students may complete studies, receive counselling and graduate. In connection with the enrolment, students pay the membership fee of Aalto University Student Union, which entitles you to various member benefits and services.

New students starting in the autumn of 2021 first accept their offer of admission in Studyinfo and then go to the OILI service to enrol for the academic year and pay the membership fee of the Student Union.

Continuing bachelor’s and master’s students enrol on WebOodi until 30 July. After 9 August when the student information systems service break has ended, continuing students also enrol in the OILI as WebOodi will no longer be in use.

The enrolment period for the academic year 2021–2022 is 3 May–10 Sept 2021 (excluding the service break on 31 July–8 Aug 2021). It is advisable to enrol for the entire academic year, as a re-enrolment fee of EUR 35 is charged if you forget to enrol. The enrolment for attendance may only be changed during the enrolment period. Outside of enrolment periods, non-attending status may be changed to attending status.

  • Aalto University website has comprehensive information on annual enrolment for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students.
  • If you have any questions about annual enrolment, please contact Aalto University.


Amount of AYY’s membership fee 2021–2022

Bachelor and master level students and exchange students

Doctoral students

€63  / entire academic year
€30 / autumn term
€33 / spring term

Information on member services can be found here.

€43 / entire academic year
€20 / autumn term
€23 / spring term

Information on the services of doctoral students can be found here.

What are the effects of the service break in August?

This summer, there will be changes to student information services due to which there will be a service break in early autumn. During the service break on 31 July–8 Aug 2021, it is not possible to enrol for the academic year. If you need attending student status for the  beginning of August, please enrol no later than 30 July.

During the service break on 31 July–8 Aug, it is not possible to

  1. Enrol for the academic or pay the membership fee
  2. Transfer information of your student status outside Aalto or AYY, e.g., to Frank or FSHS
  3. Order a student card

If you want to have access to student benefits on 1 Aug, you must enrol no later than 30 July. After the service break from 9 Aug onwards, the enrolment period continues until 10 Sept.

Benefits available for new students from the beginning of August

The academic year starts officially on 1 Aug when new students are entitled to all student benefits. Even if new students enrol already in May, their student status and related benefits will only be valid at the beginning of August. You can order the student card from Frank from 1 Aug onwards. Frank’s digital student card is valid at the beginning of the month.

PLEASE NOTE! If you have not enrolled by 30 July, your student status will not be valid until 9 Aug due to a service break of student information systems. Please note that it takes 1–5 working days to transfer information from the university to Frank, for example.

  • Read about the card options for higher education students on Frank’s website.
  • More specific instructions for new students for the beginning of the academic year on AYY’s site.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

Exchange students should enrol only after receiving confirmation of admission

All bachelor and master level students pay the student union membership fee, including international bachelor and master level students. Exchange students may also become members of the Student Union if they wish to do so. It should be noted that students for whom joining the Student Union is voluntary will not be refunded a paid membership fee if the membership is cancelled.

Thus, you should pay AYY’s membership fee only when it is certain that your studies will begin according to plan.

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Healthcare fee for higher education students for the autumn of 2021

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) fee has previously been paid in connection with the student union membership fee. From the beginning of 2021, the health care fee will be paid to the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) at your own initiative through the electronic services - this is also the case for the autumn of 2021.

“In 2021, the student healthcare fee in higher education is EUR 35.80 per term. It is paid to Kela once per term (spring and autumn), i.e. twice a year. Students are not billed for the fee but are expected to pay it at their own initiative.” - Kela

For the autumn term, the due date is 30 Sept if you have registered as attending by then. You can only pay the healthcare fee for the autumn of 2021 as the amount of the fee due for spring term 2022 is not known yet. AYY is unable to check whether you have already paid the fee - please contact Kela in unclear situations.

Student health care reforms 2021


Membership and Student Card

As a member of the Student Union, you will be able to enjoy all of AYY’s services, as well as a wide range of student benefits nationally and even internationally.

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Services for Members

AYY offers its members several services, such as affordable student housing, rental facilities, advocacy, and a range of different benefits. Read more about the student union services!

Mantan lakitus, ihmnisia nosturissa, konfettia

Welcome to Aalto University and the Student Union!

On this page, you can find important information for new students and some tips for the early stages of your studies.

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