Membership and student card

Membership fee

To register for attendance as a basic degree student at Aalto University, you must pay the membership fee of Aalto University Student Union (AYY). AYY’s membership fee for basic degree students includes the mandatory Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) health care fee, which entitles you to use the services of FSHS health centres. Other fees are optional.

As a member of the Student Union, you get to enjoy several benefits. You are entitled to, for example, student discounts on public transport (VR and Matkahuolto), Kela’s meal subsidy as well as health care from Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS), and you can order a student card.

The enrolment period for the academic year 2019–2020 runs from 2 May to 6 Sept 2019. You should register for attendance or non-attendance for the full academic year.

There is, however, a separate enrolment period for the spring term 2020 during which, if necessary, you can amend your enrolment details. The enrolment period for the spring term 2020 runs from 25 Nov 2019 to 10 Jan 2020.

Please note that registration for attendance can only be changed during the enrolment periods. You can change your status from non-attendance to attendance also outside the enrolment periods.


Amount of membership fee 2019–2020

Basic degree students and exchange students (includes the FSHS health care fee)

119.00 € (incl. FHSH fee 57 €) / academic year
58.00 € (incl. FHSH fee 28,50 €) / autumn term
61.00 € (incl. FHSH fee 28,50 €) / spring term

Postgraduate students

42.00 € / academic year
20.00 € / autumn term
22.00 € / spring term

Read more about postgraduate student services here.

New students

First-year students pay the membership fee via Opintopolku, following the instructions provided by the University.

Please note especially that after accepting their offer of admission, first-year students can register for non-attendance only due to military or non-military service, parental leave or an illness or injury that prevents them from starting their studies.

Exchange students

Exchange students can join the student union if they wish to do so.  However, for students who have joined the Student Union voluntarily, the membership fee will not be refunded in case they cancel their membership.

Membership fee payment instructions

Membership fee refunds

All payment refunds must be applied for using the form at the bottom of this page at the latest by:

30 Sept for the autumn term
31 Jan for the spring term

Start amending your enrolment by contacting a Student Service point, where the changes are entered into the student register.

Please note that the enrolment period usually ends a couple of weeks earlier than AYY’s application period for membership fee refunds.

The AYY Board’s annual decision on membership fee refunds in the spring term 2018 and the academic year 2018–2019 can be found in the minutes of the Board’s first meeting of the year and in the administrative regulations.

Student card tag for the academic year

You can only collect the student card tag for the academic year from the student union that issued your student card. In other words, the AYY Services Office will only provide a tag for AYY members who have paid the AYY membership fee and hold an AYY student card. Student cards issued by the former Student Union of the Helsinki School of Economics (KY), Student Union of the University of Art and Design (TOKYO) and Student Union of the Helsinki University of Technology (TKY) also count as AYY student cards.


Refund form

You can apply for a refund on the membership fee and the FSHS health care fee using this application form.

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