Membership and Student Card

Membership Fee

To register for attendance as a basic degree student at Aalto University, you must pay the membership fee of Aalto University Student Union (AYY).

As a member of the Student Union, you get to enjoy several benefits. You are entitled to, for example, student discounts on public transport (VR and Matkahuolto) and Kela’s meal subsidy, and you can order a student card.

The enrolment period for the academic year 2021–2022 runs from 3 May to 10 Sept 2021. You should register for attendance or non-attendance for the full academic year.

There is, however, a separate enrolment period for the spring term 2022 during which, if necessary, you can amend your enrolment details. The enrolment period for the spring term 2022 runs from 29 Nov 2021 to 7 Jan 2022.

Please note that registration for attendance can only be changed during the enrolment periods. You can change your status from non-attendance to attendance also outside the enrolment periods.


Amount of Membership Fee 2021–2022

Basic degree students and exchange students

€63 / academic year
€30 / autumn term
€33 / spring term

Doctoral students

€43 / academic year
€20 / autumn term
€23 / spring term

Read more about doctoral student services here.

Starting from January 2021 university students have paid their Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) fee to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland).

Until the 2020 autumn term the FSHS fee was paid to the student union.

Student health care reforms 2021

Paying the Membership Fee


New students

First-year students pay the membership fee via Studyinfo, following the instructions provided by the University.

To enrol as an attending student at Aalto University after accepting your offer of admission, go to the OILI service of Studyinfo and pay the membership fee of the Aalto University student union (AYY). New students have received an e-mail link to OILI to make the enrolment. The link has been sent in the same e-mail as the confirmation of the study place. If you wish to join the student association of your field of study (guild or subject-specific association), also pay any related membership fees.

Enrolling for attending student status is a precondition for using any Aalto services, getting a student number, and registering for courses. If you are unable to enrol as attending in the OILI service, please contact Aalto student services or your study office: Aalto contact information

Please note especially that after accepting their offer of admission, first-year students can register for non-attendance only due to military or non-military service, parental leave or an illness or injury that prevents them from starting their studies.


Exchange students

Joining the student union is voluntary (but recommended) for exchange students. You can join after you have received your student number from the Aalto University. The enrolment period for the spring term 2022 runs from 29 Nov 2021 to 7 Jan 2022. Exchange students can join the student union at any point of their studies, which means they can join even after the enrolment period has ended.

How to join?

Exchange students can join the student union by paying the membership fee. The membership fee for the spring term 2022 is 33 euros. Please note that since it’s voluntary for exchange students to join the student union, the membership fee will not be refunded in case you need to cancel your membership. Thus, it’s recommended to join when it’s sure that you are coming to study here and that you want to join.

  1. Pay the AYY membership fee based on the payment information below. Please remember to write your name and student number as a reference number or in the message field of the payment so the payment is processed correctly.

  2. Send a payment receipt to your study office or [email protected] since the payment is not updated automatically. Aalto student services will update the payment and membership to the student register after they have received the receipt of the payment. This might take 1-5 days. After your payment has been registered to the student register, you will be able to access all the membership benefits (for example, getting a student card).

If you have any further questions, please contact member services: [email protected]!

Continuing students

Enrol as an attending student at OILI and pay the student union (AYY) membership fee and any voluntary student association fees with your Finnish online banking user ID or a credit/debit card supported by the service. This way, both your payment and enrolment will be registered in the student information system.

If you are unable to enrol as attending via OILI, please contact your own study office or Aalto student services: Aalto contact information

You can find more information about enrolment here.


Bank details for AYY Membership Fee

You can pay the membership fee to AYY's account if you are an exchange student, or if you with to change your enrolment status from non-attendance to attendance.

Account owner: Aalto University Student Union
Bank Account number: Handelsbanken FI98 3131 1002 1504 84
Amount (Spring 2022 term): 33,00 euros (or 23,00 for doctoral students)
Reference number: student number

Please remember to send the receipt by email to [email protected] along with your name and student number since the payment is not updated automatically.

Membership fee refunds

All payment refunds must be applied for using the form at the bottom of this page at the latest by:

30 Sept for the autumn term
31 Jan for the spring term

Start amending your enrolment by contacting a Student Service point, where the changes are entered into the student register.

Please note that the enrolment period usually ends a couple of weeks earlier than AYY’s application period for membership fee refunds.

The AYY Board’s annual decision on membership fee refunds in the spring term 2022 and the academic year 2021–2022 can be found in the minutes of the Board’s first meeting of the year and in the administrative regulations.

Student card tag for the academic year

You can only collect the student card tag for the academic year from the student union that issued your student card. In other words, the AYY Services Office will only provide a tag for AYY members who have paid the AYY membership fee and hold an AYY student card. Student cards issued by the former Student Union of the Helsinki School of Economics (KY), Student Union of the University of Art and Design (TOKYO) and Student Union of the Helsinki University of Technology (TKY) also count as AYY student cards.

We also recommend everyone to download Frank App to their phone and launch a free digital student card. For students attending only in the spring of 2022, the card will start working at the beginning of the academic term, i.e. in January.

As a member of AYY you can also start using your student card in Pivo

You can get your card tag from Services Office during opening hours.


Refund form

You can apply for a refund on the membership fee using this application form.

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