Student representatives

A Guide for the Student Representatives in Administration

Welcome to the summit! As a Hallinnon opiskelijaedustaja, Halloped – a student representative in administration – you’re involved in shaping the future of your university and representing yourself and your fellow students in the decision-making of Aalto.

The Finnish university institution is based on the idea of an academic community that is made up of the professors, the staff of the university and the students. These three groups lead the university representatively in different bodies. In this way, the academic community has everyone’s expertise at its disposal in decision-making.

As a Halloped, you’ll learn to exercise influence and represent in meetings, work with people who have different job descriptions and get to know the ins and outs of the university organisation better.


Selection as a Halloped, resigning and practices

Selection of student representatives is a statutory task of the Student Union.

Student representatives

The Position and Responsibilities of Hallopeds

The student representatives in administration are the University’s people in official positions selected by the Student Union.

Student representatives

The university as an institution and organisation

Universities are independent public institutions whose task is to promote free research and scientific and artistic learning.

Student representatives

Meeting practices

Established good meeting practice in Finland is followed in the meetings of the bodies of the University.

Student representatives

What does all of this actually mean?

As a student representative in administration, you are a student advocate. You guard the interests of both the students and the University.

Student representatives
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