Student representatives

The Position and Responsibilities of Hallopeds

The student representatives in administration are the University’s people in official positions selected by the Student Union. They are full members in the bodies that they have been appointed to, in the same way as the representatives of the professors and the staff of the University. For example, in votes each representative has, regardless of their background group, one vote at their disposal.

The Student Union can select who it wants to appoint as a Halloped, albeit that the Equality Act, for example, must be complied with in that as well. A Halloped is free to make whatever decisions they want, so the Student Union does not have the power to decree how the role should be carried out. The Student Union, does, however, have the possibility to dismiss a person from a position of responsibility if there is no confidence in them. This situation may arise, for example, if a person does not attend meetings or acts clearly against the values or regulations of the University community.

A Halloped is responsible for taking part in meetings. They can be absent if there is an obstacle to taking part in decision-making, i.e. a disqualification, or there is some acceptable reason for it, such as illness. The Chair of the meeting and the secretary and deputy member should always be notified about these in advance. There is more about disqualification in association with meeting practices.

The members of administrative bodies are responsible for all decisions that they have not submitted a differing opinion for. This also means legal and financial responsibility for decisions in which the finances of the University, for example, or how the University carries out its public role, are dealt with. All the members of an administrative body are obliged to comply with the decisions made in the meeting. You can read more about differing opinions and other meeting practices here.

Student representatives in administration should request resignation when they know that they are not fit to act in the role in question or unable to do it. Students of Aalto University who have a valid study authorisation leading to a degree are fit to work in the role. The members of the bodies of schoolss and training programmes must have authorisation to study for the school or training programme in question. Resignation can also be sought on the grounds of not having time to attend meetings.

Deputy members are personal, i.e. they can act as a replacement only for a particular person. A deputy person does not have the right to be present at meetings except when they are acting as a replacement for the actual person, unless they are granted this separately. When acting as a replacement of the actual person, they have the right to all the materials of the meeting.

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