Servin mökki

Servin mökki, known as “Smökki”, is an atmospheric space which is great for organising even large parties in Otaniemi’s Teekkari Village.

Servin mökki is located in the heart of the Teekkari Village. Smökki contains a large hall, a smaller room known as the aquarium, and a catering kitchen. The space can be used to hold sitsit and other parties for up to 200 people. There is a cloakroom that serves 100 people in the hallway. Several weddings have also been held at Smökki. The Otaniemi chapel is just 150 metres away.

Please note that a number of brilliant parties have been held in the space, and memories of the parties have been left in the ceiling in the form of staples used to hang decorations.



The hall has a sound system and a small mixer. A microphone can be borrowed by asking the service office for the key to the microphone cupboard. Volume levels in the hall are restricted only by general rules and regulations. Please remember to keep volume at a reasonable level throughout the event to avoid causing significant disruption to the area’s residents.



The aquarium is separated from the hall by large windows covered by dark curtains. The aquarium is often used as a back room for events, and to store extra tables and chairs, but it can also be used as a quieter event room or to hold small afterparties. There are two tall refrigerators in the aquarium.



Smökki’s kitchen has been modernised into an industrial catering kitchen. It contains a convection oven, two industrial saucepans, a frying plate, dishwasher and coffee maker. For cold storage, there is a cold room and freezer room, as well as smaller refrigeration appliances. There is room for around 10 people to cook at once.

For occupational safety reasons, the kitchen may only be used by catering professionals (e.g. a catering service) or under the supervision of a person who has undergone catering training. If you wish to use Smökki’s kitchen and you have completed a catering course, please fill out this form. AYY organises a few catering courses per year.

It is of course possible to book the kitchen without the rest of Servin mökki. If you decide to book only the kitchen, please make sure that your noise does not bother any other users in the hall.

A detailed list of the kitchen equipment can be found on the checklist for the facilities.


Operating hours

Servin mökki’s operating hours are 12 noon - 1am.

It is possible to apply for permission to use Servin mökki at night time using this form. A separate fee will be charged for a night permit. A night permit extends the operating hours until 5am. Please note that the event should end well before then to ensure that the space is cleaned and empty by 5am. Users should also safeguard the area’s residents’ night time peace and quiet with regard to e.g. volume levels at the event.

To clean and maintain the space, it is extremely important that it is empty outside of its operating hours. If it is necessary to extend Servin mökki’s operating hours, this must be agreed on well in advance with AYY. Additional operating hours will be charged at an hourly rate.


Booking of facilities and price list
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