The bottom floor of Otakaari 20 houses two separate party facilities, separated in the middle by a sauna.
Otakaari 20

OK20’s facilities are located on the bottom floor of Otakaari 20 (access via the courtyard). There are two facilities for sitsit and other parties, a larger one and a smaller one, with a sauna in between. It is not possible to book the sauna separately. If users on both sides of the sauna wish to use the sauna, they must come to an agreement between themselves. The facilities are suitable for organising sauna and song nights, sitsit parties, and meetings. All facilities are available to use from 2pm–6am. The sauna is heated from 7pm–3am.

Address: Otakaari 20
Sauna: Space for 12 people. The sauna has an automatically heated electric stove.
Large side: Tables and chairs, space for 40 people. The kitchen has a hob, oven, dishwasher, cold drinks storage, microwave and coffee maker.
Small side: Tables and chairs, space for 20 people. The kitchen has a hob, oven, dishwasher, cold drinks storage and microwave.
Other: Both sides have sound systems. Neither side has tableware. Both sides are in a moderate condition. If you want to see these facilities before your reservation please contact our membership services.

Please note! Staying overnight at the facility is not permitted. If you book the facility for several days in a row, please agree separately with the service office in advance on daytime use and cleaning during your booking.


When using hot tubs rented from elsewhere in OK20’s yard, please note

When filling the hot tub, ensure that the hose does not leak into OK20’s interior or cause water damage. If such water damage occurs, the person who made the booking will be held responsible. The price to rent the facility does not include a hose.

The hot tub may only be in the yard during the time that the facility is booked. The hot tub may not obstruct or hinder access to the car park.

In addition, when emptying the hot tub, please ensure that the tub is emptied gradually into the yard’s rainwater drain or into the soil so that pools of water or patches of ice do not form on the pavement.



Small side / counter


Small side / hall


Small side / hallway

OK20 sauna



Large side


Large side / hall


Floor plan

Booking of facilities and price list
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