Membership and student card

Doctoral students

Doctoral students may choose to join the student union. The statutory and automatic membership of the student union is discontinued after completing a Master’s degree. Services and benefits for the bachelor’s and master’s degree students and doctoral students vary significantly.

Services, benefits and rights of doctoral students

Doctoral students have the opportunity to join AYY immediately after being approved to complete a doctoral degree. Otherwise, one can join AYY in connection with the next registration period. Check the membership fee of doctoral students here.

After paying the membership fee, a doctoral student is a student union member in the same way as a bachelor’s or a master’s degree student. After becoming a member, a doctoral student can purchase the green student card of doctoral students. Services and benefits for the bachelor’s and master’s degree students and doctoral students vary significantly.

What is a doctoral student entitled to?

A student union member is entitled to vote and run as a candidate in the student union elections.

A doctoral student who has joined the student union is also entitled to services and benefits offered by the student union. These include, for example, the events and activities of the student union and its associations, advocacy work, counselling, premises rental for a member price and van rental. Advocacy work focusing on Aalto University is done in collaboration with the doctoral student association Aallonhuiput.

In addition, doctoral students also have access to affordable sports services in the sports facilities of Unisport.

It is possible to apply for student financial aid for completing a doctoral degree. Further information:

Starting January 1st 2024, VR also grants a discount on travel tickets for doctoral students. The VR logo has been added to the digital student card of Frank for doctoral students, which is a prerequisite for receiving the discount. If needed, the logo can be found by clicking on the barcode symbol in the student card view. Please note that the old plastic student cards for doctoral students do not have the VR logo, and therefore VR does not grant a discount based on it.

What is a doctoral student not entitled to?

Doctoral students are not entitled to FSHS services, the student discount of Matkahuolto, HSL or the student meal subsidy. A doctoral student’s right to use the services of FSHS was discontinued on 1 August 2009. Some student restaurants, however, offer a slightly more inexpensive lunch by presenting the doctoral student card.

Doctoral students do not generally have access to student housing. However, doctoral students have the option to apply through HOAS for a few properties targeted for this purpose.

Doctoral student’s card, membership fee and association

Find out more about the student card, membership fee and doctoral student association Aallonhuiput.

Aallonhuiput, founded in 2009, is an association which connects doctoral students in the various schools of Aalto University. Aallonhuiput is AYY’s special status association and does advocacy work in cooperation with the student union as the expert of doctoral student issues. Participating in the activities of the association does not require the student union membership.

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Membership fee

In order to enrol as an attending degree student at Aalto University, you must pay the membership fee of Aalto University Student Union (AYY).

Membership and student card
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Student card and Frank App

Your student card is the official proof of your student status. After you have paid the student union’s membership fee, you can order a plastic and/or digital card.

Membership and student card
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