Energy saving tips for everyday life, part 3

Are you already familiar with everyday energy saving? Maybe you would like to do something more? Read the winning-level energy saving tips from the third part of the tip series!
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Energy saving tips for everyday life, part 3

Small actions have a big impact when we do them together. The price and availability of energy affects all of us this winter. Even if you don’t pay your energy by yourself, your consumption is a part of the total load. Heating and the use of hot water and electricity weighs the most on the energy bill. When the consumption of heat and electricity decreases, the climate load goes down as well as the probability of power outages.

We have put together concrete energy saving tips for your use. Check that at least the basics are in order (savings level 1), then move on to other small but meaningful actions (savings level 2). After these, see how you can succeed in winning-level energy savings.

Saving level 3: Winning-level energy saving

  • Lower the room temperature
    • AYY’s room temperature is set to 21-22 degrees. If you like a cooler temperature, adjust your radiator to lower degrees.
    • A lower temperature in the bedroom is recommended, as it is considered to improve the quality of sleep. The target temperature is 18-20 degrees.
  • Take cooler and shorter showers
  • Wash your hair less often to reduce the consumption of warm water
  • Go to sauna with your neighbour
    • Suggest a joint sauna turn to your neighbours, so that several people can bathe in one shift.
  • Combine laundry with your roommate
    • Washing machines can be filled more when you combine laundry. For example, there are usually less clothes that need a gentle wash, but when you combine, you get a fuller machine.
  • Track your electricity consumption
    • If you have your own electricity contract, track your consumption in your energy company's monitoring service. With it, you understand where and when electricity is consumed, and you can adjust your energy consumption even more rationally.
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