Energy saving tips for everyday life, part 2

AYY monitors the energy and water consumption of its residential properties, and improves the building automation to ensure efficient energy management and operational reliability. We have also put together concrete energy saving tips for your use.
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Energy saving tips for everyday life, part 2

AYY is involved in the state administration's joint Astetta alemmas (Down a degree) campaign, which provides concrete energy tips for living, working, and moving around.

What does AYY do to save energy?

AYY monitors the energy and water consumption of its residential properties, which helps us to notice leaking plumbing fixtures quickly, for example. Lamps have been replaced by LED lamps and plumbing fixtures by water-saving ones. With the improvement of building automation, the accuracy of adjustments has also improved, which reduces overheating.
The regular renewal of heat exchangers ensures flawless energy management and provides operational reliability.

How can you save energy in everyday life?

Heating and the use of hot water and electricity weighs the most on the energy bill. When the consumption of heat and electricity decreases, the climate load goes down as well as the probability of power outages.

We put together concrete energy saving tips for your use. Check that at least the basics are in order, then move on to other small but meaningful actions:

Savings level 2: Small actions, big impact

  • Shorten your showers
    • Only stay in the shower for the time you need for washing and close the shower while soaping.
    • For example, a 5-minute warm shower consumes 60 litres of water (flow 12 l/min). In a year, it makes almost 800 kWh of energy. 
  • Take advantage of common sauna times
    • If common sauna turns, the so-called jogging saunas, are available. Use them instead of private turns.
  • Dry the laundry on a rack
    • Drying laundry on a rack indoors or outdoors does not consume energy, unlike a dryer.
  • Check window seals
    • If a window seal leaks, report to maintenance.
  • Turn down the heat when you're away
    • If you are away from home for several days, turn the radiator down a couple of degrees, and turn off the underfloor heating.
  • Adjust the underfloor heating in the bathroom
    • If your bathroom has underfloor heating, it's enough that the floor feels just slightly warm to your feet, not hot. The low temperature saves electricity and still keeps the bathroom dry.
  • Use the pre and residual heat of your oven
    • You can often heat up the food in the oven already while the oven is heating up, so you don't have to keep the oven on for so long.
    • Also remember the residual heat, i.e., the time when the oven is still warm, but has already been turned off.
  • Keep electricity use to a minimum between 8am and 10am and between 4pm and 6pm
    • The risk of power outages is smaller when the use of electricity is avoided during these national consumption peaks on weekdays.

After these, see how you can succeed in winning-level energy savings.

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